Thursday, 19 July 2012

Big Brother 13: Yop top

My boyfriend has suddenly turned into Dennis Leary; moaning and ranting that hot water gets turned off for rule breaks instead of housemates 'being put on the block': (note the BBUSA speak). He's not wrong, though.
Lauren's roots are looking like mine do before I force myself from the London/Surrey borders to Holloway Road to get mine done. I think I go once every three months. As a peroxide blonde; it's unforgivable.
Ashleigh isn't sure about her outfit; nor am I. It looks like one of Courtney Love's cast offs; and only Courtney can get away with that.
Luke S pretending that location or clean vs messy means anything to his and Ashleigh's 'relationship' is laughable. We know there's no relationship. There's not one now, and there certainly won't be one outside the house. It's too little, too late and you're fooling no one, sunshine.
I'm not surprised that Ashleigh and Scott are turning on Becky next; it was obvious she was going to be the next fall guy. But I'm happy to see her fall; in fact, I'll give her a shove myself.
How to repel boys... how to repel the entire human race, more like, Caroline.
Is Deana going on about money again? I hope Luke S isn't listening. I feel a bit sorry for her if she thinks the way to stop men cheating is to 'cut off his money'?! Cut off his dick, more like. Ashleigh is talking sense for once. Vows are for life! Lauren: 'every man will cheat.' How sad.
Ashleigh: 'I've got so many words to describe Deana.' I can imagine what one is. Yet she has none to describe anything else. Ashleigh is such a bitter person, and it's written all over her face. Her 'soulmate' parents produced a cruel little bully, I hope they're pleased.
They're having to shoehorn a storyline in for Sara as she has all the personality of a lampshade. She looks nice, though, in fact she looks lovely. Every time I look at Conor's gurning face I feel sick and sad.
Scott's gay, so why does he have to do the date? Is this where he's going to get the tell-off? What's he going to do, insult the Scottish? His line about a President was quite good.
Adam came out touching his crotch! 'Do you fuck on the first date?' LOL. She liked that better than Conor not talking. I'd probably laugh if someone said that on a first date. Just push the table over or something. Easy. I think I like Adam when he's a bit pervy sometimes, at least it shows a naughty side to him.
Love Luke A winning the 'lads night in' and Luke S cheering before being not invited.
Deana's 'real recognises real people' mantra isn't that catchy, is it? 
Why didn't they show that scene of Scott saying that about Indian culture? I find that EXTREMELY fishy.  They should repeat it over the loudspeaker. The only reason I think we didn't see this scene is because it was worse than we've been told, or more innocuous than we've been told, and BB are either trying to save their skin or just pretend they're doing something. 
'Sarcasm' could be bullying; what about threats of rape and violence towards women?! Ouch, that sarcasm really hurts. Ouch. Out of character.... lolz.
My boyfriend just said, 'It's like Diary Room martyrs this week.' Here's how we can decide between the good and bad people in the house; the ones who have been called into the DR for being racist and the ones who haven't.
I'm glad Adam and Luke got that treat; they deserve a break. I was just going to say I think they'll be friends for life outside the house but then Adam said something about Luke's nuts (or lack of). Was that offensive or not?! I rewound it three times and couldn't tell. It's like a political minefield tonight! Richard Littejohn wouldn't know whether he was Arthur or Martha. We ARE all going to hell in a handcart.
Why does no one know what 'tactile' means on this show?! Poor Adam; he's setting himself up for a fall.
Uh oh, now Luke's getting involved. Lauren: 'this always happens to me.' How awful, having men falling at your feet. She does encourage him a bit, but I don't even want to say that because I can't bear the 'prick tease' talk, it makes me fucking sick. I think she just likes the attention, and you know, she's young and I don't think she's entirely got her game together yet. Adam should know better. She's cute; of course he's going to fall for her.
Caroline: 'sometimes I think I've definitely ruined my life.' You have.
Oh dear, is it the 'it's not you, it's me' talk. Lauren, you're not 'one of the lads'. You do send mixed messages, but I don't think she 'led him on'. That was a little bit sad. But it doesn't make Lauren a bad person. But it might give Adam a helping sympathy vote next week. And I want Adam to win right now.


Andie said...

Love this, it made me howl. Pretty much agree with most of it, though we did see Scott's comments, perhaps you missed that bit?

lightupvirginmary said...

Really?! My boyfriend was probably talking over it. ;-0
Thanks for the compliment! :)