Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Big Brother 13: Pasta la vista

Do you remember when Bea (destroyer of Freddie) said pointedly; 'Are we going to have a positive or negative day today?' Well, we don't need to ask that anymore. We've got a houseful of sour-faced Bea's. In fact Caroline makes Bea look like Helen 'I like blinking I do.' I'd rather live in Albert Square than the Big Brother house right now.
Scott, Sara and Becky have gone firmly back to the darkside. And the thing is, they've been bullied into going to the darkside. But they've done it with glee so fuck 'em.
Is there anything funnier than Caroline saying she's 'surrounded by bitchy people'? This is the most horrible Big Brother I've ever seen, poisoned from inside out, no laughs, no one to champion. The producers have let the bullies run riot and I'm certain the viewing figures must be plummeting.
Watching them stuff their fat faces isn't exactly appealing either. Becky moaning because someone can't stuff their face as easily as she can; cos they've not had as much practice as you, you fat fuck.
Face to face nominations were guaranteed to keep Conor in because who would dare nominate the thick thug to his face? Why are they STILL protecting him?
Fool's gold. Another nomination twist in the wrong week. Another nail in coffin of righteousness.
Even the way they did face to face nominations was stupid and lacked tension. Conor shouldn't even be in that house. Conor's reason for nominating Lauren was tragic; BB sees everything so who cares if she told on you! If they'd shown Luke's little Batchelor chat on the big screen he would have been up this week - well, if he wasn't immune. 
Ashleigh just mentioned Catherine. Who the fuck is Catherine? Here's some reasons people nominated Deana; you put a chicken in the oven, you told us to wait five seconds. WTF? These people are loopy.
I hated that; just horrible. If Adam had nominated Caroline instead of Ashleigh, Caroline would have been up and we could have got rid of that cunt at last. That's the problem with 'the outsiders', they have never been able to organise their voting correctly, even when Lydia was in there. Even now you can't talk about nominations, you can easily heavily slag off two housemates and get your point across, it's quite simple.
I actually want to punch Becky in the face. I don't care how much her breast weighs. I just want to see her bundled into the river like Nanna Birk Larsen and then for Sarah Lund to go on an extended holiday.
Luke A is right to feel defeated. He's been victimised since day one. I don't think he needs to worry about being booed; not unless they've got the Conor rent-a-crowd there. I must admit, I want Luke A to stay. I think it means more to him. Although Lauren staying will be one in the eye for the girls.
WHY is Caroline ruling that house? WHY do people like Caroline so much? She's fucking evil. She's ugly through and through. She's a plate-faced, poisonous piece of shit. She needs wiping off the planet for the sake of humanity. I don't throw around personal insults and wish such things on people easily, but she really is the lowest of the low.
Deana is right; they should have voted smarter. I think Luke's beef is that he really wants to win, and his chances are slim now, because his group is fucked each week. That was really nice of Big Brother to point out what Deana said: the truth.
Lauren AGAIN attacking someone on HER OWN SIDE. Fucking thicko! God, Adam or Deana HAVE to win this. I don't think BB will make much money on the phonelines this week, let's put it that way. It's like voting to get a toe or finger chopped off.
I don't know what Adam's upset about: Deana's RIGHT, it WILL be her and Adam next week. The other side didn't need telling that; that was the plan anyway. BB HAS to put them all up next week; they have to. Remember the joy every time Freddie stayed? Remember that happy feeling? We've not had a chance to feel that once this series. Big Brother hasn't just jumped the shark; it's fucked it.

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