Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Big Brother 13: You've never seen a bigger bollock than Luke S

Isn't it great when people at work accidentally cc you into an email slagging you off? I LOVE that feeling. What a shitty fucking week I've had. So yay for the noms twist. AT LAST they listen. It's good for BB, too, because they make more money by putting more people up.
Why is Deana crying straightening Adam's hair? Is it because it looks so crap? Mind you, there's at least three worse hairstyles in the house; Luke S, Caroline and Conor: the Hitler brigade.
Caroline would rather 'live in a house with people she doesn't get along with than leave before them'. At least she admits her priorities. Even if they're warped.
I love it when we get a glimpse of Adam's argyle socks tattoo. Hilarious. What's the point in nominating Sara, though? She's pointless. I'm fairly sure she'll go this week, because who's her fanbase? Wills and Harry?
You've nominated Luke A, Becky, because he owned you. End of. What a dogshit reason for nominating Deana too. She 'moves too slowly'?! She's somehow burning off more calories than you.
Sara looks good in a bikini. That doesn't really make her a worthwhile housemate, does it? LOL she nominated Luke S. Good! What are these 'strange pants' she speaks of? I want to see them. Oooh, she changed her nomination from Adam to Ashleigh! Girl is waking up. Nicely done. There's one for the outsiders.
Conor - heartless and cruel? Surely not. Ashleigh nominating Luke A for being bitchy. What an idiot. Ashleigh nominating Deana because she's jealous of her body basically, now Lauren's gone. Who isn't this moron jealous of?
Yes, Luke A, Deana is playing a game; Big Brother. How dare Deana dance to music when they play it? What a stupid reason for nominating someone.
Caroline's nominations are so far off the mark, she just makes herself look like the shallow little prick she is. Who ISN'T Caroline annoyed by? Even her own mirror has cracked in protest at having to look at her face, doesn't she get it yet?
Ooh, Conor's nominating Sara, too. He must know she's hitched her apple wagon to Deana's star.
My brain switched off for a minute because I was thinking about Enter the Void and Triangle that I watched at the weekend, and then I see housemates putting elastic bands on a watermelon. I think I'd rather sit through Enter the Void again, even though it's an hour and a half too long. Lovely visuals though. Still not convinced to take DMT! That rabbit hole might not have a ladder back up. Anyway, I digress.
Did God step in to sort these nom noms out? Will God point his finger at Ashleigh or Luke S? Here's hoping. Sara: 'I didn't think you'd be up, Adam.' You almost nominated him, do you have amnesia?!
The outsiders DIDN'T vote tactically. It was just luck that BB fiddled with the noms. The insiders are shitting themselves now. Good. About time they had a spoonful of it. And I'm also glad Scott's safe.
Why is Adam being so testy? Stop having a strop, silly. You aint the only one up. Talking of testy, did you see Luke S flashing his balls on BOTS last night? Horrendous. What was he thinking? Oh here it is. That's actually obscene. Did he just say it was 'full of eggs'?! Him and Ashleigh couldn't operate a condom between them. I fear for the future of humanity. So Ashleigh doesn't care if Luke goes? By the time she met him in two weeks on the outside he'd probably have fucked about 25 girls. She doesn't give two flying fucks. Can she count to two?
Caroline is quite astute that Adam is liked outside, so why would she take him on? You have to respect her in a way, for blundering on regardless. OMG Caroline don't you DARE ape the AMAZING Harry with 500,000 Nutellas. You can NEVER live up to his banana legacy; never. Don't even try it.
Luke A's: 'I hope they get some of these evil tossers out' was definitely second candidate for my title. Luke is getting a bit cocky, but he's been pushed to the limit. Adam's 'performance' - uh-oh, that's a dodgy word to use.
LOL to 'do you think she'll go?' 'Hopefully.' about Caroline. I think Caroline has more fans than they think. It will be Sara or Ashleigh out that door. I'll be voting to save the 'soldiers'. I don't love them, but they've put up a good fight. Let's not let them fall at the final hurdle.

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