Saturday, 21 July 2012

Big Brother 13: See you in a bit

The good thing about Lauren going and Luke A staying is that Lauren would NEVER have dared stick it to them like that after. You think he'd be keeping his head down before next noms, but he's always had weak gameplay; still I love that he's shown his spine. The trouble with this is, over-confidence can be deadly at any stage of proceedings so he's playing quite a dangerous game as it wouldn't be difficult for team thicko to block vote Luke A and Adam.
Does Caroline know she's on TV? I wouldn't even sit around my house after a hangover in that state. She looks homeless.
Scott and Caroline sticking the knife in Becky; BFFs for life, obv.
Caroline talking about safe sex? They didn't like it when Benedict did it. I like Scott winding them up about the sex. Luke A and Ashleigh have already done it! Becky and Caroline are such prudes. Love Scott powdering his face as he enters the DR. I like Scott more than ever at the moment. He's odious, but at least he's entertaining. I like his Eminem hair, too.
The marshmallow task was quite funny, I though. And possibly a health and safety risk. I can think of a few people I'd like to see choke to death in there, no names mentioned. Oh Becky, stop acting, you bore. She's just a thick, nasty bitch.
I like Luke A and Adam's relationship, it feels very real; a meeting of minds and common sensibilities. I honestly believe they'll be friends for life.
Really classy when Lauren got evicted. 'Thank you for being there.' was just so honest and touching from Adam, it actually made me cry. So unfair the way this game went. Desperately sad and unjust.
So they did hear 'get Caroline out' and 'get Conor out'. Sweet. Caroline's ready to 'die in a hole'. Don't let me stop you. I'll help you dig it if you like. No really, let's go do it now, before you change your mind. And can we stick Conor in there with you?
Caroline: 'Luke's been playing the victim.' Because he is the victim! Luke is right, the public do see.
Why is Luke A telling Ashleigh his innermost thoughts? He probably wants it to get back to Becky. Why is Ashleigh even out there talking to him? Since when did Ashleigh think Luke A 'was such a great guy'? Oh, since he was saved by the public. Now she's going to go back to Becky and tell on him. So transparent.
Caroline: 'I think you could win it.' to Conor. She'd probably just giggle like a thick little twat when she heard his 'epilator' hate crime.
Ashleigh, you agreed that Becky was an actress. Stop tittle-tattling, and stop saying 'who is he?'
Luke vs Becky; ding ding! This is good. She was expecting him to back down, and the way he just fronted her was delicious. 'Don't tell me what to say... I don't give a fuck.' Just wonderful. I'm trying work out what's going on in Scott's mind. I think he might be reevaluating his alliances.
Becky: 'just tell me the reasons why you don't like me.' Luke A: literally sizes himself up and lists reasons like he's been waiting for it all season. At LAST! At fucking last. I haven't felt this jubilant in BB for a few weeks now. Becky sees herself losing control and is just flapping.
Becky: 'deep down I think you're got a heart of gold.' Deep down I think your heart is made of shit, Becky, just like everything that comes out of your mouth. Luke's got fire in his eyes and belly. I love it. I love Scott's face.
'See you in a bit' was a cool ending to that. If I was Adam I would have given him a high five. Even Scott looked like was laughing. Where can I buy an 'awkward balloon'?
Becky's outrage is brilliant to behold. She didn't like someone telling her the truth, because everyone runs round her pretending she's this fun, jolly person, when she's vile. She was expecting him to 'roll over' and she didn't get what she wanted. But she's not 'upset' in anyway. She's just coming undone. 
Becky has really misjudged this Conor 'friendship' ie. where Conor just blackmailed her into keeping her info another week. Ooh, Scott is keeping his options open.
Luke; beware that false confidence. Adam: 'you've absolutely got to pick them.' Yes, the right people this week. All vote for Becky and Caroline. Done.
Becky: 'he doesn't even know me.' There's nothing to know; you're just an empty shell.
So, the fightback has begun, but all it will take now is for team trash to block vote Adam and Luke up. Please, please, please put them all up this week and give them a fighting chance. On the grounds of humanity!

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