Sunday, 29 July 2012

Big Brother 13: Does it come with Freeview?

Scott seems to really be missing Caroline, doesn't he? Ah, and he's slagging off Luke S, too, that's cool. So he says he likes Luke A and Adam but he's sitting on fence still. Could he be the swing vote now Sara's had her ill-judged meltdown?
Scott, Sara and Ashleigh are discussing the economic crisis. Ashleigh doesn't like kids popping out babies as it 'takes her taxes'. What job does she do, again? I doubt if she could operate an electronic toothbrush. Sara's having another attention-seek cry. I get the feeling this girl cries at everything; from Hollyoaks to a picture of a cute puppy.
Ashleigh doesn't care about getting boos. She doesn't care, right? She don't give two flying fucks. Conor: 'I've been saved four times.' Yes, by your extended family, I presume, unless they're letting rapists vote from prison now.
Loving Adam getting to choose the prizes for the competition; especially giving Ashleigh a toilet brush. I love endurance tasks! Giving Conor the spa day was one in the eye too; enjoy your massage, prick.
These endurance tasks are all about ego, or about whether you need a wee or not. I have quite a weak bladder so I could probably only last three hours (about as long as I last at a gig - I have a strict 'no drink, get near the front' policy).
Who's to come off first? My £ is on Becky. Why is Sara doing it in her bikini? She'll be cold later.
Luke was being supportive to Ashleigh; telling her to get off the box. What a prick. Are they arguing as a tactic to annoy the others? Ah, I win my bet. Becky toppled off. All the weak-willed ones quit first.
LOL to Adam trying to psych Conor out. Conor is on the hop. Adam's got him in one spot and he's tearing a strip off him; I love it! Where's Luke A's spine gone? Why has he turned his back on the conversation?
Adam:  'you have no compassion, care.' Conor had no response to that. Wise words from Adam there.
Oh come on, Ashleigh, no one buying your faux DR apology. If you know you're a decent person, why the boos even bother you? I'd laugh at the boos. I know I rub people up the wrong way; when people slag me off on my blog I think it's funny. Don't you understand yourself at all? You're not getting booed for the way you treat Luke S, you're getting booed because you're vile inside and out, and the only thing that ever comes out of your mouth is bile or idiocy.
Do they know Adam picked the prizes? They don't, do they? Adam looks like he's wearing a swimming cossie. There's more at stake here than the prizes on the wall, isn't there?
Why is Adam being sexist about Deana? Girls can stand up just as well as men can. We got feet and legs too, don't we?
No wonder Becky's so fat if that's what she orders for takeaway. Fuck I'm really hungry and there's nothing to eat in my house. I just ate a bag of gummy bears, and I've got a two packs of micro chips - it's hardly a nutritious diet, is it?
Looks like Becky's imaginary food order worked. Someone's going to crack over the Chinese. I hate Chinese, so wouldn't be bothered. I wouldn't even want to smell it.
Is it dangerous not to go wee-wee for 6 hours? I think Luke has twigged it's for immunity.
Good on Deana for giving the boys a run for her money. Luke A: it's a shitty song anyway.' as they try and temp them off the boxes with some turkey-shit pop music.
Endurance tasks are good because they show who's got fighting spirit, who's got determination and who wants it the most. Where did Luke get his poncho from?
Deana has never looked cuter than in that onesie, having a laugh on that box.  She just seems joyous and buoyant, like she's living again.
Scott's got back-envy. He's got a fragile back. I'm not a predator - speak for yourself.
12 hours, man! That's impressive. How have they all changed clothes?! I can think of something Luke S is going to lose: BIG BROTHER.
Conor: 'where's the pride in standing on a box for 12 hours?' It's called determination, you prat. It's called focus. It's called WINNING.
LOL Luke S jumped off because he was hungry. Tired, more like. Props to Luke A, so determined to beat Luke S that he got off a second later. Shame on Deana for quitting! She put on a good show though. Good on you, girl.
Adam should have gone for the £1000 - isn't that more than the TV's worth?
Oh, they did save them some food. Good. Liked Adam's 'much respect', too. Actually a feel-good episode for once. SHOCKER. I hope Adam gets immunity this week. He deserves it.

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