Friday, 13 July 2012

Big Brother 13: Shev-gone

Yay, my last session at the conference finished at 8.45 so I'm in time for the eviction. Do you know what's funny? When someone asks you if you're coming to the bar and you go 'no, I'm going back to my room to blog Big Brother' and they go 'is that still on?' and look at you like you're brain-damaged. Well guess what? I AM brain damaged. I'm drinking a warm Diet Pepsi and watching someone I don't like get chucked out of a house in a lonely hotel room. And I'd rather do that than go to a bar. Because I'm a social disaster zone and I've talked to people all day and I just want to talk to myself now. I've realised lately just exactly how much I love blogging and TV and just hanging round the house with my boyfriend and my cats (not available in this room today). They might not be the healthiest of hobbies, but they make me happy. So I'm not going to apologise for it. I'm going to just do it and say no to the social things I don't want to do, except for the 1% I do want to do. Everyone hates me anyway, and rightly so, I'm a ridiculous human. Anyway.
Sara in the DR was quite sweet. I can see her going quite far and I'm quite sure she'll be there on the final night. Maybe she's not boring and she got an unfair edit. Either way; she's nowhere near as bad as I thought she was but I reserve the right to back track on this.
Yes Shev, we do need to see your journey end; tonight. No, of course I really want Conor to go: but he won't. Mind you, Shev has taken her 'personality' and made it so unbearable she's 95% unwatchable, so I wouldn't be sorry to see her go. But I would be sorry that Conor has fans.
They can't really be dropping rocks on Ashleigh's head, can they? Mind you, it would make no difference to her midget brain. Tiny midget brain! Does not compute.
Them not passing the task was a bit harsh but we've not seen them on a limited budget yet, have we? That should cause a bit of deserved misery.
It won't let me turn this TV up! I like my TV twice as loud as this; clowns.
Conor's mum: 'there's not a bad bone in Conor's body.' Well, he can't keep a civil tongue in his mouth and you've clearly not taught him any respect for women. He's also rotten inside. Apart from that, yeah, he's fab. Great hairdo.
Luke A's in a bit of a grump. I don't know if you have a right to moan at people for waking you up when you're sleeping in the daytime. Night time is a different story. But you have to remember; he's taking hormones to change sex. This has an affect on your mood - dur.
Ashleigh is an appalling judge of character. If she had a clue, she wouldn't be able to spell it.
Lauren likes Conor 'lots'. Oh dear. I can't work out which side is which any more. I preferred it when the battle lines were clearer.
Shev: 'can you imagine the house without Conor?' I'm trying to, but it seems like a pipe dream.
Adam's 'almost erect' - ugh. TMI. Adam shouldn't rub it into Luke A about erect penises. Lauren is predictably being called 'a prick tease'; I say pricks should control themselves.
Shev wants some Mr Kipling angel slices. I was considering those in Tescos the other day but went for some Galaxy Counters instead.
LOL my friend is phoning me at the exact moment of the EVICTION. Mental. Don't you even know me? This is my friend who's having a gathering tomorrow night on the exact weekend I'm in the arse end of nowhere. And that's one of the 1% of things I would have gone to. BOO WOO.
Shev looks cute, I like her 'little girl at a tea party' look. Look at Conor's silly earring. It's hard to blog this live feed cos I can only watch that part on my netbook which I'm blogging on. I need two screens. So I'll keep it sweet and keep it brief. Does Lauren ever talk about anything but cigarettes? I'm glad to see Ashleigh dented, and her side dented. She's wreaked enough havoc whilst offering nothing. I'm surprised they let them out when the crowd is cheering outside. Shev is rocking backwards and forwards like a mental patient. Ashleigh is actually being quite reassuring.
It's hard seeing Conor being quite smug after his annihilation last week. 'Keep on putting me up, fuckers, cos I aint going nowhere.' Ugh. They might not even put him up this week, which would be criminal. Conor vs Deana next week would be interesting... and educational because I think the passion from both sides runs high.
And we're back. Conor in the DR: 'I never thought I could be this popular.' WTF! This so wrong. He's popular like herpes. How come the boos were mute for Arron last week but are loud and clear for Shev? Oh, I forgot; she's a woman. Why is she getting booed THAT much? I mean, I can't stand her, but she wasn't evil, just irritating. I actually feel a bit sorry for her.
But then I saw that clip where she went off and Deana and overreacted about the 'will you marry me' thing and I felt less sorry for her. What is her real personality anyway?! Glad Brian stood up for Adam a bit and called her out on picking him to watch on the video clips.
I don't think Beyonce coined the term 'me, myself and I'. Shev was funny 1% of the time. But the rest? Keep it mute indeed. I have to get up at 7.30am for breakfast and work until 9.30pm tomorrow. I'll be quite un-cute tomorrow night, but I'll do my best to blog. How can we turn this BB around, people? We need a witch doctor. Or a miracle.

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