Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Big Brother 13: He hasn't gone right inside

Day 28. Fucking hell, it feels like it's been about 300 years. Even Marcus Bentley sounds war-torn.
So I know there's four up: Deana, Becky, Arron and Conor. If ONLY it was vote to evict and a double eviction. Would be sooooo sweet. As it is, who knows what will happen? I don't think Deana will go: the rest are vulnerable, but I will be disappointed not to see Conor pick up a chair and make his exit.
How's this for a revelation: I don't really mind Scott's hair. Yay, Scott nominated Caveman Conor. Nominations are all over the place as expected. LOL to Big Brother basically stitching up Arron over boring statuegate.
Yes, Caroline, your hair has a lot of 'flair and character' *buys her intensive conditioner for Christmas*.
Ashleigh doing 'girl talk' about her and Luke's undercover action is gross. She's not a slut in any way, and anyone saying she is is a cretin, but bragging about it is juvenile and tragic. It's not a romance, it's a bit of gossip.
Conor's 'tactile means he's got tactics' is beneath even commenting on, because even I don't think he's that thick. Caroline's digging out Adam again. Watch your mouth, Worzel! Wouldn't want to accidentally do a hate crime, would you?
Is Caroline really nominating Lauren for being a stirrer? Hilarious. Caroline, your impression of Adam needs some work. Perhaps BB has got some boot polish they can give you? Seems like your sort of humour.
I thought Ashleigh was looking rough in the DR but I thought she'd just not done her make up again (meow!)
Ooh Becky nominated Conor! Interesting. Sounds like he's being even more of a douche than we're even seeing.
Watching Conor get told he'd been nominated was DELICIOUS. Warm feelings inside. 'I'm not fucking worried.' YOU SHOULD BE, YOU SCUMBAG.
'Becky's a skiniving bastard.' And you're criminally stupid. Arron: 'two faced bastards.' What do you expect, they've got to nominate someone! You wouldn't mind if it was someone else.
Conor: 'I can read people.' He's right about Sara's personality, though. 'I don't even think Scott's human.' That's called homophobia. 'Maybe I could use her' about his 'friend' Caroline. Oh, this charming man.
I sooooo want Arron AND Conor to go! LOL to Scott finally turning on Arron. Thought he fancied him. Well, there's a fine line between love and hate. Is Scott drunk or has he just lost it? Arron threatening Scott. 'Shit's about to get real.' No, shit is re-al already.
Happy, happy house! Benedict and Lydia must be thrilled to be out. 'Pouring things down the sink is disgusting'. Not if it's a massive bag of cocaine and the LAPD come knocking. WTF is a rapscallion?! Ooh, apparently it's a rogue. Scott's gone bananas. I love a good TV meltdown, though.
To be fair to Ashleigh, I think she deals with Caroline quite well. In any sane world they'd hate each other.
God, Luke, Lauren and Adam are sooooooo boring. Don't get me wrong; NICE. But who wants nice housemates? Scott FTW (bet you didn't see that coming) for using 'rapscallion' and starting the most stupid row I've seen so far. But I haven't forgotten his past misdemeanors. And if a new housemate arrives, I'm supporting them, even if they're a foxhunting sexist right-wing Christian. It would still beat this lot.

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