Sunday, 15 July 2012

Big Brother 13: Fingers crossed she goes before me

Hi rapidly depleting BB fans, sorry I didn't blog last night, I was knackered. I think I actually enjoyed the show more not blogging it because I wasn't forced to comment on every non-story. But from the looks of things tonight's going to be a good one. Side note: just watched the first BB14 USA and it is FUCKING AMAZING. I'm gonna blog it later, and there will be profuse enthusiasm. Please read it even if you don't watch it cos I'm going to CONVINCE you to watch it.
Anyway; onto our shower of shitbags. I think Conor's going to have another 'out of character' outburst tonight. How many times do you have to verbally abuse someone before it becomes part of your character? I'd say two strikes and you're out. Conor's on about 20.  I hate Conor the most when he wears that stupid vest. He played Scott and Becky a good 'un last night. They're thick as fuckery if they fall for his BS.
Conor discussing nominations AGAIN. Yet he goes off on Deana when he's said a zillion times worse.
My boyfriend just pointed out if you told Caroline her mum died she'd giggle. She's such a pathetic specimen - if I'd given birth to it, I'd try and invent a time machine to undo that evil.
Deana and Conor should be put up as a punishment; a good, clean head to head. Then we'll sort the men from the ladies.
OMG, Conor is SO aggressive! Look at him slamming around. How can he still be in there? His fuse is so short he rightly should have blown up by now. Go fuck yourself, you stupid thick cunt. I'm sick of hearing his voice, seeing his face, his stupid hair, his stupid clothes, his aggressive manner. WHY DOES Conor hate Deana so much? Is he racist? What HAS SHE DONE?! I don't think we'll ever know.
Becky is rich calling Lauren 'wooden spoon' - she's the biggest shit-stirrer in the house. She's a floater and a mega gossip.
Deana is SO PATIENT with Conor. Conor: 'I have never had an argument in this house at all.' He can't control himself around Deana. It's not that Conor doesn't trust Deana, it's just that he can't trust HIMSELF around Deana.I'm certain he's going to flatten her at some point. Who is VOTING FOR THIS PRICK? Argh, I literally can't STAND IT. I can't cope with it. On the grounds of humanity!
LOL to the Morrissons value suntan lotion; I hope Conor gets skin cancer, do the world a favour.
I hate Becky so much again tonight. To think I actually VOTED to save that dumb cunt. Yes, I've called two people cunts tonight. Equal ops. The only thing wooden in that house is Ashleigh. And Sara.
I saw a glimpse of this secret task on BOTS and it looks like it's going to be amazing. They've stitched Luke S up BAD. How could Luke fall for this? Surely he's not that thick. Love the devil horns. IS he this thick? Or is he a good actor? It's like what they did with Anton, telling him his rubbish single was at number 1.
I don't know if Luke S could be that stupid/callous to sell Ashleigh down the river like that and not expect them to show it on the big screen. Unless he knows they'll show it and he wants out. Or is he so vain he's lost all sense of reality? Either way; this could be the end of his game. And as much as I think he's a pompous twat (that lips tattoo says it all) he doesn't deserve this shafting as much as say, Conor or Caroline.
Luke has to showcase his sense of humour... that will take some serious acting.
Eww, Deana's either got sweaty knees or the grass is wet. Let's go for sweaty knees.
Luke is so arrog-cunt. I hope they show him disowning Ashleigh on the big screen. He absolutely deserves it.
Luke: 'I came in here and thought I'd get with a bird, but she irritates me and it might not last on the outside.' What a TOOL. How does he think that makes him look to the outside? What an utter knob-cheese. I liked that fake agent guy's little shrug at the end.
Any man who EVER refers to a woman as a BIRD should be treated as sub-human, as they're treating us as sub-human.
Please, please, please, please show it. Please show it. Please, please, please, please show it. He's twitching! Luke S's frozen smile is fab. Talk about shitting himself. They're going to sit on that footage and bring it out at an opportune time to destroy his game. Love the fact he mentioned the Katie and Peter show to Ash but not The Bachelor. I think you call that economical with the truth. He's got a dirty little secret now. Can't believe he really bought that - and he knows he's fucked his chances of winning. Luke S: 'what if I look fat?' No, what if they show that video. They're really brought him down a peg or two. Why are him and Ashleigh colour-co-ordinating? You can't co-ordinate your way to love.
The only justification for not showing that video is to spare Ashleigh's feelings. Otherwise it's totally justified. And really Ashleigh would be better off knowing sooner rather than later as she's being made to look an idiot. Don't get me wrong; I'm enjoying Luke's shame; but others deserve it more. I want to see Conor get fucked over. Luke should be thanking his lucky stars they didn't show that video; if I was in there I'd be in the DR pleading for them not to.
Luke should know pride comes before a fool. 'The end conversation might be taken out of context.' What context can you put that in?! You said you'd dump your 'girlfriend' for money because is sounded fun! Deana was right about that relationship. 'I'm not thinking of myself, I'm thinking of Ashleigh'; don't make me FUCKING LAUGH. What a scumbag. 'People can think what they think.' Yes, because of words that came out of your arrogant, vain gob. What BB did was cruel, but all they really did was give him enough rope to hang himself.  Now suck it up, doucepants. Suck it UP.

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