Monday, 9 July 2012

Big Brother 13: You put my family in your mouth

Alright! Can we finally put this turf wars shit to bed right now? It's boring as fuck.
LOL to Marcus's 'Shev is still banging on about what Adam said.' What is it with people and their birthday? It doesn't mean everyone has to kiss your feet all day. On my birthday I normally get a manky cake (if I'm lucky) some socks off my mum, and then stay in and drink. I don't expect a telegram from the Queen. Adam's got more class in his finger than Shev in her whole flappy hand.
Shev: 'I'd be on Hollyoaks or Eastenders if I could cry on cue.' Adam: 'I don't know what any of that means.' Ha! Culture clash.
Adam can say what the fuck he likes in the DR so shut your fucking trap, Shev, you absolute turkey. Shev: it's not your birthday anymore. I'm glad you had a shit birthday. I hope you have a shit life, too, because you're shallow and boring and I'm tired of hearing your voice. I thought Adam handled himself just right, to be honest. It's not his fault BB showed them that, or that they picked his clips to watch. They all slag each other off in the DR, that's what it's for.
What is Adam eating out of that tin? Don't throw stuff about Adam, it's beneath you. But hey, at least we know BB thinks that's entirely acceptable so he won't be punished. I really think they've pushed Adam to it anyway; and if that makes me a hypocrite, then I'm a hypocrite. I'm glad he's showing some emotion.
Why is Caroline blowing smoke up Adam's arse? Fake, fake, fake.Sarah seems much more on 'our' side, lately. But I'm still not entirely sure about her.
How thick is Conor outright talking about nominations and no one even stops him? I get D but who's B? Oh, Becky, dur.
Good on Luke A and Lauren for saying they'd throw the task. But some tasks are not that easy to throw. It was funny seeing him so pissed off in the DR. I like his 'it's really great'. I like him tonight.
Conor: haha! That fix - I mean, twist - was great. I can't wait to see the blue team go DOWN! Conor: 'I'm walking out them doors right now.' Good. He's worse that John James for his empty threats. He makes John James look like Pete Bennett.
Morrissons muesli: mmm, mmm. I don't care who's up out of Conor, Shev or Caroline. They're all a bunch of cunts. It's too much to hope that Ashleigh would go, too, because she's too inoffensive, even though her very existence is an affront to common sense. I think Luke S could really benefit from Ashleigh leaving the house; I think it could help him win it.
I like Lauren a lot more now she's come out fighting, too. They're standing up against the arseholes and it's to their credit.
Haha, the blue team's punishment was nothing compared to the green team's.
Conor's not doing an awful lot to redeem himself this week, is he? He's coming across like a fucking dick. Aggressive, surly, nasty, bitter, spoilt, unpleasant. At least Ashleigh's trying to make them join together. Conor's not fake, though. Shame his real self is such an odious oaf. Sulking in the DR like a little boy who didn't get his sweeties - boo woo.
LOL to Conor blaming Caroline for him being bitchy. I don't remember her being around when he made his hairbrush comment, but then we all know Caroline has never even heard of a hairbrush.
Redeem yourself this week, people. I'm guessing Conor will be up, so please, this time, do the right thing. He wants to go. We want him to go. Show him the door, open it, then sling him down the stairs.

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