Monday, 2 July 2012

Big Brother 13: I couldn't give two hoots

Oh shut up Shev and Becky - like you don't want to win it. Everyone wants to win it. I'm glad Scott is onto Luke S. I don't know if he can bring him down with the thicky crew, though.They need Lydia's scheme trails to sort that problem out.
Theo/Sebastian-gate was really silly. Why is Arron so protective over a statue? I have a life-size lamp of Venus de Milo and we call it 'Our Lady'. It is probably the first thing I'd save in a fire. Well, cats first, then that.
Oh, Arron. What a twat you are. Sara is putting him off.God, there's literally nothing to comment on. No one actually has conversations anymore. Shev is so chronically annoying. She's got zero substance.
I like the fact they're gunging Ashleigh on pretty much the only day she's put make up on. Outside world contact! God, why do I bother even saying it? That ship has long sailed. Eww, gunge on the DR chair *OCD*. Why would Ashleigh be upset that she was gunged? Who gives a shit? There's some hammy acting going on. As if Shev is really that scared of clowns. It's all just a fa├žade. There's no storyline so they're having to engineer one.
Loving Arron's 'just been exploded' look. If only. How gullible is Shev? Can they make Conor look like he's just been punched in the face and raped with a hairbrush, please? This might be the most stupid task ever.
They should deffo have gaffer taped up Luke's mouth. I couldn't be gaffer taped up like that. I'd get claustrophobic and panic. Also, it wouldn't suit me, a bit like those electric shock outfits.
No one would say 'it's not worth it' - they'd force Shev to do it at knifepoint. This is the most boring Big Brother yet because it's a non-story focusing on a non-character. Shev is so fucking thick she doesn't even realise what's happened.
Arron's chat up technique needs a little work. Him and Sara never did have that talk, did they?
I'm thrilled that Scott is pulling away from Caroline. Very smart move. Caroline: 'Conor's one of my best friends.' Idiot move. It was inevitable that their friendship would end as it was built on pure poison.
Cigarette wars: boring. Ashleigh: 'Lauren's a fucking weirdo.' No, you're a fucking sad sack. Lauren's quite normal and you're an insecure bag of slop.
Did Conor just say 'I hope everyone goes up'? Be careful what you wish for, you disgusting thick pig.
Luke S: 'they could take a shit on the table and still be in here.' Well, we know that from last year. Who'd have thought this year could be any more vile? Send the defibrillator. This show is flat-lining fast.

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