Sunday, 8 July 2012

Big Brother 13: I can't control my feelings when I'm this fat

So now I've had time to think about the maddening result of last night, I think maybe it was the right result - because now we get to see Conor weak, vulnerable and generally shitting himself. My only concern is the idiot house will fall for his for 'poor little me' routine and decide to give him a week off the hook. But a week to stew on his fallen empire might be good viewing.
Nice to see Arron acting like an irredeemable little prick on his last day. No reedeeming features whatsoever. As for that whitewash on BOTS where he'd obviously been primed to act contrite and agree with everything Emma said; do they think we were born yesterday? As an aside, the way Emma handled BOTS yesterday was appalling. She is dying on here arse on the show. She is towing the partyline so hard and constantly apologising for the producers lack of morals. I'd love to know what she really thinks, but I have zero respect for her at now. Cut the stupid sketches and all the flim flam and let's have some fucking honestly.
Look at the way Arron talks to Becky compared to how he talks to Luke S. I am so glad he's left. It's just a shame he didn't take gubbins with him.
Luke's lost his protein shake! Boo woo, as Scott would say, ridiculously.
I don't like what Adam did to Arron particularly, but at the the same time, at least he's making a stand and coming down off that fence at last. What was that Adam threw over him? Arron is mad! He had the worst two days in the house ever. All these 'pranks' are so fucking TEDIOUS. Can someone talk about something INTERESTING?
Don't worry Arron about where you're going to sleep tonight; it's in a Travelodge.
Arron 'you're bullying me! I'm intimidated by you.' to Adam. BOO WOO. So true he can dish it out but can't take it. Intimidated, my arse.
Lauren thinks Arron is HILARIOUS. Caroline thinks Arron's BRILLIANT. I pity them if that's their idea of a decent person. As predicted Lauren switched to the knobend side of the house. She's just a weak, weak person.
Is Becky having a chocolate sandwich? Vom. Caroline, 'why can't I get a boyfriend?' Er... where do we start? You're hideous to look at, rotten inside, nasty, evil, cruel, unsympathetic, ungrateful, spoilt and extremely insecure. So good luck with that.
Not enough camera action on Arron and Conor's face when Deana and Becky were saved. It's not a 'fucking fix' Arron, you're just despised, more despised than a violent thug, so that's quite something.
The agressive reaction by Conor and Arron when he got evicted was disgraceful. When will they throw that disgusting pig out? What does he have to do - stab someone? I'd be frightened to live with him.
Deana's victory dance was brilliant - so deserved.
Conor crying up the corner is mega lols. Just fuck off home if you're so sad. Luke S's little pep talk was quite sweet, really.
It's disgusting Caroline saying Sara couldn't be happy when Deana was saved. Like she wouldn't be gloating if it was one of her team saved. Sara is being a bit of a whingebag about this, though.
Conor is so thick; still slagging off Deana when it's obviously the public love her. Wake up, idiot box. Conor still has no clue what he did to Deana, does he? He has all the self-awareness of a pair of slippers.
Caroline: 'Luke A is the bitchiest housemate hands down.' DELUDED. Caroline, being fat is not the thing you should be worried about. Buying a pair of GHDs and some intensive counselling might be a good start.
Rather too much emphasis on Caroline and Sara in the last quarter of an hour... we could really have done with seeing more of Conor digging his own grave and bawling. We've earnt it.

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Anonymous said...

Lauren Carre pretty much sums up what alot of Jersey girls are like! :(