Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Big Brother 13: This is like some hospice situation

I found something really cool today, which was linked from Digital Spy, basically a radio interview with Benedict, and the radio show is an American BB fansite (mainly concentrating on BBUSA but also on BBUK). The interview with Benedict was about 1.30hr long and after that there was some interesting gossip about the upcoming BBUSA. The interview with Benedict was talking about all behind the scenes stuff and really in depth about the process, and his life, and was very interesting indeed. It was like how BOTS should be if it wasn't produced by absolute chimps. It made me pine for how BB could be; psychological, analytical, intelligent. BOTS at the moment makes the days when Dermot jumped from foot to foot like the world's oldest schoolboy seem like the Today show. Let's not even remember the glorious Big Mouth days. I wonder if you can download the old Big Mouths? I'd pay to watch those again. Anyway, this podcast was intelligent discussion about reality tv! I'd forgotten it was possible because BB is so dumbed down. Here's the link to the podcasts if you want a listen, I highly recommend it if my word counts for anything. Also it's funny to hear Americans talking about our Big Brother... like why would they be interested in ours when they have the best reality TV show on the planet? I'm just imagining Ashleigh being interviewed for an hour and a half. No, can't do it. 'What's a microphone?'  
Becky, how can you be too fat to wear trousers? Trousers are essential wearing for fat people; they stop your thighs rubbing together. 'I don't want to burn any calories!' Why not?
If only this was a 'hospice situation', Shev - then we could look forward to you and your lobotomised chumps dying each week instead of yapping crap in the corner of my room. 
Also on that radio show they were saying about how in the US they've just unveiled the new house and they were going 'who gives a shit about the house?' It's so true that for so long the focus has been on the wrong thing in reality shows; tasks, engineered storylines, etc. Who cares what the couch is like; casting is everything, and that's the giant fuck up they've made this year. I like the fact they were taking it quite seriously on the podcast, as if it were current affairs or sport or something. That's what Big Brother needs, gravitas!
I'm not even watching this task. I hate the tasks on BBUK. Now on BBUSA it's a different story. They're more of a Hollywood production and the results affect whether the housemate stays or goes.
LOL to Katy Perry on that advert saying 'thank you for believing in my weirdness.' Weird people don't declare themselves weird, numbnuts. They just behave in a way that makes you avoid them for a few years until you see them walking down the street with a trolley full of shopping bags.
Has anything happened in this show tonight? Blue, green... whatevs. I hate them all equally. Well, not equally.
Ashleigh, your skin looks grey, you look like you need a vitamin tablet, not a fucking cigarette. What's up Shev's arse? I think I might hate her more than anyone in the house (bar Conor) because she actually pretends she's a nice person. Newsflash: she's a fucking cow.
I can't even get excited about a task where they rate their popularity/ looks etc. I've seen it so many times before.
Luke A ISN'T less attractive than Caroline. But he CAN be bitchy. Caroline actually OWNS a hairbrush? Her slagging off Adam for being thick; this dumb bitch went to private school and she didn't even learn basic manners!
How come Luke S and Ashleigh are still allowed to snog etc? There should be barbed wire between the rooms. It would be an effective contraception.
Why is Conor such a hateful person? How does he see himself I wonder? I bet he doesn't even know how utterly poisonous he is. 'Out of character' my arse. The way he was speaking to Caroline was vile. Arron's like a rogue green pea in the sludgy blue pot.
Don't leave Adam's group hug hanging. Oh, OK then. I love the fact that Adam finds the Big Brother house more abhorrent than gangs or prison. I can see why. LOL to Adam suddenly fancying Lauren. He's really got cabin fever. Do you think she'd go for it? And what would they say in Jersey?


Scott said...

Hey, this is Scott from the podcast you referenced, and I'd like to thank you for the kind words! Not only that, but I agree with everything you say about the cast and the current version of BB.

Ashes to Ashes said...

This is Ash from the podcast. Thanks so so much for the mention! Also, I must admit that after reading this post I h ad to read through some of your others. You are a fantastic writer! I really enjoyed this. I'm subscribing. xx

lightupvirginmary said...

Thanks for both these comments... I'm looking forward to listening to your podcasts about last season of BBUSA! My boyfriend and I get so excited when it's on, it's the best show ever! Very pleased to have you reading as I think we're all on the same page!
Although I do like Rachel... but I suspect I won't after I've listened to your shows! :)