Sunday, 8 July 2012

Big Brother 13: I'm so mentally above this

Shev's real personality is really coming out now, isn't it? She's a first class cow. I'm glad she's having a shit birthday, because she's a dickhead. Shev: 'I'm too old, I'm so mentally above this.' She isn't mentally above Pingu. 100% unlikeable.
Nice product placement of the Live hair colour there. I thought they had to cover up labels on that show.
I think this breathalyser task is gross. There's no way I would take part in it, it's unhygienic and vile. The thought of getting someone's coffee backwash is utterly revolting. Having to breath the same air as Conor is virtually sexual assault.
Luke S is a tedious fake bore. I can't tell if Lauren is leading Adam on a little bit or if she does like him?
Shev is talking about herself IN THE THIRD PERSON. She did it twice! If you want to go and see your family, you know where the door is. Quoting Beyonce? Fucking hell, is this what it's come to?
Now they're plugging Morrissons bathroom cleaner! What about Jedward's Lidl trolley dash? Maybe that was the final straw.
Deconstruct the fort! Annihilate the castle. Ashleigh: 'what does that mean?'
Why are they humiliating Ashleigh tonight? Luke S's face was a picture. I think they might have to have that 'it's not you, it's me' talk soon.
I wasn't even moved by Shev's birthday message. She didn't even get a call from ASL, she just got two kids singing happy birthday tunelessly. Couldn't they have even videoed them?
What is that blue drink they're drinking in the secret room? Looks like antifreeze.
Not sure what was going on with Scott and Becky's argument there: bad editing. What's up with Scott; he's having a meltdown. BOO WOO.
It's a bit unfair letting the blue team watch these Diary Room moments. Especially all of Adams'! Adam was spot on with everything he said. I loved seeing Shev's indignant reaction. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUCKA.
If someone took Caroline to the DR and told her her whole family had died she's probably giggle like a little kid who'd just smelt a fart.
Shev: 'the viewers can see.' Yes, the viewers CAN see. Through you.
Why is Lauren sitting out with the witches who are all slagging off Adam? How did Adam guess that they watched that video? Luke A just told Adam what was said! I thought what happened in the secret room stayed in the secret room? Uh oh, could be punishment afoot.
Now they're advertising Gliss shampoo. Gliss shampoo is shit and costs about a quid.
Bit annoyed they stitched up Adam like that. Adam's my current favourite in the house. So he's clearly doomed. Or is he?

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sevenism said...

if you check the credits it says something like:
"product placement