Monday, 16 July 2012

Big Brother 13: Docey no

I'm going to struggle with this one tonight so I'll just keep it short. Buffalos. Conor and Caroline - I'm glad they let them show that on the big screen so Becky could see Conor stabbing her in the back. She's still to stupid to take offense though.
Oops I missed the task (shame) as I'm having an ebay dispute with some dickhead who sold me a faulty phone and then went 'oh yeah, it's not in working order but I bought it from Asda so go in there and sort it out.' WTF! That's not how ebay works; it doesn't involve a trip to frigging Adsa. Give me my fucking money back.
Having said that, it looks like this has been one of the worst episodes of all time, so never mind. I forwarded through the hoedown because anything that involves them having fun makes me feel physically sick, such is my hatred for them all.
Nothing has happened in this episode. Not one conversation. Not one thing of interest. Conor is getting his usual hero edit. That's about it. I listened to a bit of Benedict's podcast last night which was quite pompous and embarrassing, but he did call Ashleigh 'a fucking bitch who's thick as pigshit' so that was one highlight. And that's one thing you don't get from Big Brother; the truth in any way shape or form. Every misdemeanor goes unpunished or covered up and good housemates are put up as like sacrificial lambs. And they think we're so stupid we can't see it.
Why has Deana not walked? I'd have broken someone's nose by now.
There's just not a good feeling about BB anymore. My boyfriend's stopped watching it. There's nothing to look forward to or enjoy because no one is getting their comeuppance. There's no happy ending.
Haha, Luke could come unstuck here confiding in Conor about Batchelor-gate. He's bound to tell someone - bet it's Caroline. Ha, followed by Luke going 'Lauren's a two faced fucking bitch.' and Conor going 'she's a spoilt little brat.' Has he met Caroline? The hypocrisy is so rich!
'She's stirring the broth.' says Becky, stirring the broth. Caroline: 'you're a boy so you're allowed to say rude things.' They obviously don't teach feminism at private school. Or manners.
The DR staff must really feel their hearts sink when Ashleigh goes in there. Did Ashleigh just call someone 'thick'? Ashleigh could be outsmarted by those fruit flies they've just taught how to count.
I think Luke A is quite perceptive that the crowd isn't on the dickhead crew's side. They trouble is, there's so many of them, the odds are highly in their favour.
I don't understand cornflake gate. I don't understand much anymore. I need to go bed.

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