Friday, 6 July 2012

Big Brother 13: The two most realest guys

Here we go! I want to hear boos. I want to hear chants. I want the crowd to be issued with pitchforks. We'll probably be lucky to hear 'get Conor out', this country is so fucked. This is a country so in love with violence against women it's given Chris Brown a Number 1 album, two years after we wouldn't let the aggressive little prick into Heathrow. Conor will probably be given a medal and a stripper upon leaving. Brian Dowling needs to handle this interview very carefully IF Conor goes. It feels like a lot is riding on it.
As for Arron; his disgusting attitude saw me vote for Becky and Deana today. BB could EASILY have made it a double eviction tonight, and they are absolute arsewipes for not doing so.
Just looking at Arron and Conor makes me feel burning rage in my stomach. The crowd are chanting 'get Deana out': are you fucking kidding me?
Ah, they ARE showing the BOTS bit! Brilliant. Arron: 'what is a rapscallion?' Becky: 'it's a little shit.' Good on Deana giving it back to those cavemen. She takes it all in such good grace.
'Human tampon' - nice. Conor, you're not allowed to discuss nominations, you unutterable thug. Conor and Arron snickering is just so vile. ARGH, they're so cocky. Grotesque. I can't wait to see Arron without his sidekick. See Arron waiting for permission from his master to get get off the DR chair. Give that boy a bone.
Conor is getting quite a lot of cheers. Who is cheering for him?! Who? He must have a big family. I haven't heard him say one positive thing in an entire week. He just spits out bile and has a haircut like roadkill.
Keep Conor in for the 'laughter and jokes'! That comment makes me laugh. I'm ROTFLMAO.
Poor Deana crying. I don't blame her, I'm quite tough and I think I'd crack under that onslaught. FUCK YOU Adam for not standing up for Deana, then. Disgraceful. He's sat on that fence so long they've nailed a fucking 'for sale' sign to him. 
My boyfriend just said, 'Arron's gameplay is leaking out the side of his ears.' I don't know what this means, but I hope it's painful. LOL Deana made Arron 'feel uneasy'. The truth is he's just worried because she's crying and he knows that gets votes. Deana is on 'nononononononono' overdrive tonight. Enjoy that apology, did you, Deana?
They are BOOING DEANA'S MUM. Conor's girlfriend seems quite intelligent, considering. Brian needs to work on his 'interviewing friend's and family skills'.
Arron's sister: 'he's a loving, caring, compassionate young man.' Get him a job at the UN. Blood really is THICKER than water.
Looking forward to my MEASLY half an hour of live feed tonight! Seriously, how do we allow them to get away with it? We really are fucking mugs. They're not going to tell us who's evicted until the second show, are they?
Are they still doing this task? Christ, it's longer than the Bayeux Tapestry. I give about as much of a shit about it as I did at the beginning - zero.
Becky's thigh cam! I do like Becky 50% more than I did last week, but I still only like her about 2%.
If you're watching this on +1 and you've got the brain capacity of a four year old, please do not vote. But if you do dial futilely, do it to save Conor.
Arron's just jumped in the pool. Let's hope there's no lifeguard on duty and he intends to re-imagine Chuck Palahnuik's Guts.
LOL x a billion to Arron's 'fuck you BB' chest paint. He's invoking Morrissey in the November Spawned a Monster video. I hope it's one of Adam's prison tattoos and indelible. It's no Richey Manic's 4real, is it? It's not even 'did you say 500 bananas' is it? Are you allowed writing materials in the house these days? They've probably got a TV as well.
Arron, they're not 'characters' in the house: THEY'RE PEOPLE. Haha to him wiping it off like a naughty schoolboy.
They muffled out the crowd noise so you couldn't tell who was getting boos or cheers, I've never known them do that before.
That was BRILLIANT telling them Deana got the most votes. Absolutely heart-warming. I didn't know Sara liked Deana so much. Then Becky. The camera angles were shit, I wanted it to linger on Conor and Arron's faces. I'm sure we'll get that shot later. 
My boyfriend just referred to Conor as 'that hairbrush thing' and said 'this is the first just result this season'. He also made a good point that Luke S is lucky he's got his showmance in a way, as it's kept him out of a lot of the bitching. Conor already going 'I want to go' on the live feed. It's BRILLIANT making Conor and Arron sit on it for half an hour; absolutely magic and delicious justice.
This live feed is interminable so far; do they just sit there humming the whole time? Lauren's little cuddle with Arron when she heard Becky was safe was quite cute; it said a thousand words. Luke cuddling Deana was hilarious! They were lining up to hug her and kiss her arse.
I think Arron thinks it's a task and they're going into a bedsit/ crypt. Arron's going 'anything could happen!' Except you winning Big Brother, you great gala. Or you ever getting a girlfriend again. Both of them, 'I'm ready to go.' There's the door: fuck off.
Conor's pale face is a delight. It's like he's trying to figure out how to do a rubik cube after the nuclear war.
They should have evicted whoever it is in the green and blue outfits, I've seen people evicted many times in costume before.
Why DOES Conor have that hairdo(nt)? Why have they got a clock in there? Why, why, why, why? Conor's punching his hand rather than Deana. Do you think he said 'congrats' to Deana? DID HE FUCK. If I was her, I'd laugh in his face.
Conor: 'it's fucking hilarious.' Yeah, it is. Conor's getting angry now and a bit threaten-y. Lock up your daughters (and the hairbrush).
I'm not surprised Deana doesn't think it's real, she's been so victimised in that house. Caroline: 'you're SO loveable!' You're not, you transparent
I can't understand a WORD Conor says. Arron BLATANTLY thinks it's a task and they'll still be saved. Which makes it so much the sweeter. 'The two most realest guys.' I'll take the imaginary ones, then, please. LOL just looked on Twitter and people are sad about Conor and Arron and saying they're fun guys and it's a fix. Is there a BB playing in an alternative universe I don't know about? Or are people really that dense?
So did we learn anything from that live feed? Sara apparently likes Deana a lot (well, when she's saved from the public). I think that's about it. Why can't they give us that paltry half an hour each week? Please sir, can we have some more? *holds out bowl*
What song will they play when Conor comes out? I think a mash up of 'Smack my bitch up' and 'Rape me'. would be right up his alley.
So the eviction is not on until 11 but the live feed is only half an hour? What a joke. The Sexy Ads show. Thanks!
WHERE is the shot of Conor and Arron when Deana was saved? HOW many cameras do they have in that house?! Useless, fucking useless.
Good HAS overcome evil. But I do pine for Benedict and Lydia. This eviction is a win/win. I think Arron will get a big head if he stays. More so.
OMG Arron got evicted! See him kick that thing? He's got NO CLASS. Do you remember how Lydia went out last week? He could learn a lesson from that.
CONOR IS AGGRESSIVE! Chuck that cunt out NOW! 'Do your job, bro' (what's that, rape Deana?')
Arron is SUCH A MONUMENTAL PRICK but this is still the wrong result. Well done Chris Brown fans. They need to chuck Conor out via the back door IMMEDIATELY.
You can't tell if people are getting booed anymore! It's stupid. OK, I've changed my mind about the win/win.  Scum, scum, scum, the pair of them.
Arron's NOT BOTHERED. Why aren't people chanting like banchees through his interview like they were through Lydia's? Honestly, I can't wait to die. This planet is DOOMED.
Brian's not had a go at him AT ALL yet, despite that despicable behaviour before he left.
Conor is a health and safety issue; they need to remove him, he's going to go off. Someone needs to go to the DR and say they're scared of him; I'M scared of him!
OMG are they seriously having a highlights section of Arron and Conor's friendship? 'A real man's man.' Enough said! I thought they were going to do a stormy bit at the end showing the pair of them being the world's greatest bell-ends, AND THEY DIDN'T. Morality really has left the building. Channel 5 is a disaster.
I'm so done with Brian. He's completely inadequate. Laughing and joking with Arron; tragic and unforgivable. Get Jeremy Paxman in FFS.
I think the crowd were chanting 'fix' but it could have been 'thick'.
Conor crying at the end was a bittersweet moment. Ashleigh: 'you're 1 million percent not a bully.' And she 1 million percent didn't jerk off Luke S in that bed. Shouldn't Conor be happy he stayed? He's going to win this show, isn't he?

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