Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Big Brother 13: Shev off

Oh God, I need some sort of Shev muffler. I can't cope with it. She's dig-dig-digging her own grave, and it's a shame, cos I want Conor to go, but even I want to vote for this bitch now. I'm not voting this week though. I mean it this week!
How does Deana keep her cool? Some people are just born mellow I think, or maybe she's just been brought up right.
Good, I'm glad Sara's having a go at Shev now, too. Shev is so patronising. She's always saying people are attacking her; transference! LOL to Luke A just exiting stage left, who can blame him?
'You need to take the level of your voice down': that's fucking rich! I remember her saying a similar thing to Lydia. You're not up for eviction because of Deana; you're up because you're more irritating than Leo Sayer.
Houmous/hummus (I don't know how to spell it, it's gross) doesn't even smell of anything, and it tastes rank.
Deana was talking sense in the DR. She invokes sympathy because people treat her like crap; she can't win either way in the house, but at least she's got the public behind her.
I don't know how you straighten afro hair because I've only got wavy hair and I can't get it straight with GHDs. I think I'm just doing it wrong. Mind you, my hair is bleached so it snaps off when I go at it. Either way; this is filler.
That's weird that Luke A has become more immune to emotion since becoming a man. I'm not sure I'd like to become immune to emotion, but maybe it would be handy sometimes when I'm crying in my car listening to Morrissey.
General knowledge quiz. Come on, Ashleigh. They are doing quite well. Ashleigh thinks the Queen has a Doberman. That's just Prince Phillip. Don't slag off the Royal Family in front of Sara, she'll bitchslap you.
LOL to Conor's 'banter' t-shirt. Should that say 'wanker'? Shocked he got that question right; thought he was thick as pig-shit. I didn't know it.
Conor is shaving the top of his legs. Even I don't shave the top of my legs. Is he using Deana's epilator? It should be in a doggie bag with the police.
I'm finding this episode soooooo boring. Ashleigh complaining she's ugly. Becky doing a Ricky Gervais dance. Can we have a new housemate, please? Can we have an old housemates, please? Can we have a BBUSA?
Why has Ashleigh got her hand up Luke's trousers in front of Scott? If I was in there I'd get a spray tan just cos I'd be bored even though I'm an English rose. What do Adam and Shev get instead? They should get some other beauty treatment. Equal ops.
Adam and Lauren can't pine for Deana that much; they've never really liked her anyway. She's always been an adjunct to their group.
If I was forced to listen to that music in there I'd cry. I know how out of touch I am with modern pop from Song Pop. I don't know my Flo rida from my LMFAO. But neither do I know my metal from my disco. Pick indie rock or 90s alternative and your arse is mine, though.
Are they trying to show Conor's sensitive side tonight? Spare me, please. 21 is too young to get married.
Ashleigh, I don't think you can call yours and Luke's tawdry liasons 'love-making'. It's not even rutting.
I don't care about these people, therefore I don't care about the bitching, neither do I care about the rights or wrongs of any given situation. This makes my blog a bit stymied. I'm not a bad workman blaming my tools; it's just a factoid.
I think Deana is just feeling paranoid about Lauren. I also think Adam is going to tell Lauren this conversation.
When Jamie East et al say this is the best Big Brother ever, I think of Rex, Nikki, Ashleeeeeen, Victor, Marcus and even Brian bloody Belo and laugh. I even pine for Samanda, Helen and Paul, Craig Coates, Maxwell, Science, Derek, even fucking Charley. These people were characters. These people had storylines, story arcs, they weren't just 'he said, she said.' I miss Kinga, Pete, even fucking Ziggy. I miss HORSE FACE GRACE. This year has been the worst year ever, by a mile. There's no arguing with it. And the casting is to blame. I mean, why did anyone put Sara in there? Why?
I don't even know who Deana and Shev are talking about. Setting a gossip trap is hardly worth doing. I read that Paris Hilton makes shit up to tell her friends and then if it gets in the press she drops that friend. Imagine having to live that that. Not so hot, is it?

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