Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Big Brother 13: The worst thing is complete weirdos are staying in

I feel like I'm being tortured by Big Brother and I'm not even on the blue team.
Nommies by greens only. Bring it on (although I know the result, of course). Deana shouldn't even have to nominate Conor for being aggressive; he should have been thrown out on his ear long ago.
Not surprised by Luke S's nominations. Is he allowed to nominate his own side? 'Adam can take his opinions elsewhere'. Where, exactly? He's locked in a house with you.
Scott: 'it's annoying having a trumpet over you every time you speak.' Tell that to Martin Fowler. He's right; Luke S doesn't have a sense of humour. He's missing that chip. Along with an empathy chip. And a brain.
LOL to Conor saying he wants Caroline to win. Talk about backing a donkey.
I love seeing Conor, Caroline and Shev getting a taste of their own medicine. Deana took being up for nomination in a classy manner; they are acting like they're in a lemon-sucking competition.
Becky called Conor 'intimidating.' Is it OK to have someone aggressive and intimidating in the house? Apparently it is. Becky's right; he should have learnt his lesson. He had a chance to turn things around. But he's incapable because he's a horrible person - rotten on the inside and out.
Oh my, why does Scott keep trusting those people to do his hair? Scott's dyed his hair Eminem blonde. Do you think he used Live colour? Why are Luke A and Sara being so shirty with each other?
Have you ever seen anyone so excited to have a cupboard full of Morrissons own brand food?
Scott: 'many a mickle makes a muckle.' Shev: 'never a truer word spoken.' Eh?
Shev looks like hell today. She's going to go on the warpath because she's been nommed now.
Conor: 'the worst thing is complete weirdos are staying in.' Yeah, that's been the worst thing since day one. Now the tide is finally turning. Conor: it's your own fault. And you're STILL discussing nominations. Angrily. Rotten man. He's worse than Hitler. *hyperbole*
Now Caroline's gunning for Luke A? WTF? She's got so many targets I doubt she even knows what side she's on.
LOL to Conor getting in trubs again. What an ignorant pig. Why is Shev going so mad at Deana? Deana's been up three times! Shev: 'there's not a problem.' REALLY? Why have you got such a stick up your arse then? She could end up leaving this week her trap is so out of control. Yeah, Deana, why couldn't you have left this week instead of Arron and kept Shev happy? Selfish bitch.
I feel sorry for Deana trying to talk sense to that idiot. You might as well try and teach French to a Boglin.
Look at the way Conor is talking to Deana! It's disgusting! He's so aggressive! That's not OK AT ALL.
I think you'll find the expression is 'you need to check yourself BEFORE you wreck yourself.', Shev. Look at Deana coming at Shev like a bull out of the china shop. Look at Deana getting angry and aerated. Control yourself, Deana! Shev is being so calm and dignified in comparison.
The show is over? Yes, for you, Shev. Every word is digging your own grave. I wouldn't save either Shev or Conor from a burning house and I mean that wholeheartedly. They are worthless human beings.
'You're a flip-flopper.' You're a knob-jockey. 'Stop looking for emotional comfort.' Yes, that's an awful thing to do. Shev is shit-stirring witch. I'm not surprised she's exhausted, she's been yapping so long she's worn herself out. Well done, you made Deana cry for no reason.
OMG I can't hear Shev's voice anymore. Yap yap yap yap yap yap yap. STFU. Don't you get that Deana is popular with the public and it might be a good idea to give her a break? WEAK gameplay.
Deana deserves to win this after all she's put up with. And I deserve a fucking medal for blogging this misery fest. It's worse than Eastenders. I feel miserable as sin today anyway. That didn't help.

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