Saturday, 3 July 2010

Big Brother 11: Oh, Ben, don't come to the house tonight

Ouch! Shabby got caught out there slagging Corin. That was bad timing. Stop digging, Shabby. Corin in the diary room is fairly interminable, though. She’s a nice person, but there’s nothing to her.
Ad break: is it a good idea to call a new skin cream ‘emulsion’? What next, Avon creosote?
Shabby’s reaction to Ben’s task was bitter, but kind of right. Let’s face it, nothing is worse than when they sent Charley out, then put her back in again: ‘hell, yeah’.
Nathan never dares saying something nasty to people’s face, it’s always after they’re just after earshot. They bleeped out the insult he said about Shabby; it’s post-watershed, so it must have been bad. Don’t like the cut of his jib.
I liked Ben’s joke about John James, why didn’t that make the final cut?!
Ooh Mario is really getting nasty towards Ben. I wouldn't be surprised if Mario puts him up next week. Ben says being gay would affect his career in America but he 'doesn't think sexuality is important'. Mario, face it, you and Ben aren't going to be chums outside the house. He's putting up with you and that's it.
I always end up feeling sorry for Ben even when he's in the wrong, he's like a lost puppy. He is shallow, but he's fun, you know. He's entertainment. But he pushes his luck with Mario. Mario has been there for him.
The crowd did not have banners up. I reckon they told them not to boo, too. This mobile home joke stinks.
Wow that took them so long to stand up when Ben came back in I thought they'd been told to stay seated.
There were literally p-p-p-p-poker faces from Shabby and Keever when Sunshine went. I bet Shabby can't fucking believe it! Ha, I'm glad Shabby and Keever don't feel appreciated in the house: FYI it's because you're CUNTS.
Ife is always getting involved in other people's business because she's just a dull wisp of a person.
Mario: just accept Ben doesn't fancy you, love! It doesn't mean he's a homophobe or in the closet.
Thought John James was going for a wank in the cupboard. Turns out he just wants Josie to sleep with him. She should tell him, 'if you want to fuck me, let's do it.' She aint going to get a better offer' especially if her other offer is Nathan.
I feel for Mario, but I think he's tying himself up in knots. His issues are mainly to do with himself, not Ben.

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