Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Big Brother 11: Night Keever

So Keever's left. And Josie's kingdom has crumbled to dust. I'm sad Keever's gone. Surely Josie's chances of winning left with her?
I'm just imaging Ben in the army. Ace.
Josie has gone so far down in my estimation it's untrue. She was no match for Keever's effortless sexiness. I was watching a bunch of live feed today, and Keever just looks naughty ALL THE TIME! She's just smirking, basically. It would probably have driven me mad, too.
Andrew nominating one of his own newbies?! Boo hiss! Corin nominating Keever. Every day IS a drag when you're cool! It's the antithesis of buzzing. Nominating Rachel because she's her competition, I reckon.
Dave being put in a compromising position by Keever. In your dreams, dude. Sexist cunt.
Keeley is right; John James should smile more. I don't mind Keeley. At least she provokes.
Josie: Keever can jump on anyone she likes with nothing on. You can't stop her.
OK I take back what I said about Keeley. Why should Keever 'take Dave into consideration' before she has a laugh? She didn't even get her boobs out! Remember Bex, Makosi, that plastic Irish idiot? Remember Kinga? They could have shown Dave a thing or two.
Glad Mario nommed Josie.
What! Rachel is nominating Ben? I thought she fancied him! Bedgate. Just share, it'd be easier.
Rachel got quite a lot of nominations. Notice Steve didn't nominate Keeley. His wife must be fuming. Have we got to put up with another week of Dave now? Fuck me.
Rachel: 'it's women's fault men cheat'. Oh God.
John James, I don't think Keeley is interested in talking to you, so no worries, mate. That house is so full of sexists now, it makes me sick.
I wondered why Keever was wearing a badge with 'winner' on it on the live feed. Tight off! Josie and Andrew aren't similarly sized! My boyfriend just said 'Corin looks like she's been hit with a poker in the face'.
What a punishment for John and Josie! Touching each other up! Cheap. And it encourages bad behaviour.
LOL to Keeley calling Steve up for always being the referee or adjudicator in tasks! Next she'll be taking the mick out of his metal leg. And calling John 'Captain Drama' is good.
Dave calls Keever 'the daughter of darkness'. Cool. Josie, stop being so desperate. It's tragic. People are allowed to flirt.
I don't blame Keever for choosing love over the Big Brother house. Love is better. Big Brother should have just told her that her boyfriend was happy for her to stay, they virtually trapped John James in there.
How Dave can justify getting naked in there after the way he spoke about Keever is a mind-boggling hypocrisy that only a Christian could get away with.
I hate them geeing Josie up at the detriment of Keever.
Is the Lord's sign for Keever the spray-tanned cross on Dave's bloated body? You look like a fucking hot-cross bun with a willy.
Keever wasn't even slagging off Steve! Keeley is a knob. She wasn't even slagging anyone off. Keeley was earwigging in that conversation. ARGH. How annoying Keever has left now.
For personal dignity; try not going in the Big Brother house.

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