Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Big Brother 11: Dead or alive, you're coming with Caoimhe

God Ife, even your backstory is dull as fuck.
Liked Steve's reaction to the robot: 'alright, big fella'.
If Steve is half-man, half-machine, and Nathan is half-man, half-monkey.
Ooh I like Mario's side parting and glasses look.
LOL to people gasping to John James being up! Of course he's going to be up. He looks worried.
That TV looks like a health and safety ishhhue. Was John James really not trying at the task? I can't work it out.
Is he being a marytr? Why?
BYE BYE NATHAN! That's how quickly the game spins. The Vinnie Jones act isn't going to save you now. I genuinely couldn't be happier. John James may have played a blinder there; he doesn't get the bad rap plus he doesn't like Nathan, yet Keever gets the blame for putting him up. Aw to Mario hugging him. Mario has got a good heart, even if he is basically boring as hell.
How weird that John James put himself on the block to save Keever. Is he that clever to work out it makes him
look good? He can't be... can he?
I can't wait to see Ife, Nathan and Corin's faces drop on Friday. Well, as Nathan says, everything happens
for a reason. Ta-ra!
I like Josie, John and Keever slagging off Corin, it's funny. ROUGH! Harsh.
Shoes for booze! Josie is so unsubtle. Why would you need more than one pair of shoes in the Big Brother house?
You might as well just wear slippers. Josie: 'I've just had an accident in my pants!'
That's one way to clear the room.
Why is Ife telling Keever what she said about her in the diary room?! Is she an idiot? John James is right though,
it's one person's opinion. the only way that would upset you is if it were true.
John James is being sexy again this week. I've almost forgotten he's a complete psycho.
Josie's been on good form today as well; I liked her ploy of telling John to go to the bathroom and start screaming because the robot moved. John James's attempt at it was pathetic!
Ben: 'it's in girl's nature to be bitchy!'. He can fucking talk!
Josie has got some serious comedy timing. I thought she was going to get her boobs out when she whipped those flip flops out.
Ooh that robot looks kind of cool. Robert cop!

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