Monday, 19 July 2010

Big Brother 11: The opposite of buzzing

Oh God. It's like Groundhog Day in that house. It's all jealousy, possessiveness, creepiness and threats to leave. There's not even any romance. Not really.
Did Keever just say she needs to do a nervous shit? Goodness me. Is she yacking? Oh dear. I cant work out of she's really embarrassed or just faking it.
Is that really STEVE PASSING JUDGEMENT on people's conduct in that house? That is really rich.
I get the impression Keever AND Josie are both loving this. Much more than us viewers anyway. I wish we had someone to really champion this year. I feel like I can't be doing with any of 'em.
This mic switching off thing is bullshit. Can't they get someone to lipread it? Come on, for fuck's sake. It's just the same old shit anyway. John James brain-cam; nope, nothing going on in there, no matter how close you get.
I don't care what John James says; he loves it too. He is lapping it up.
Rachel imaging Ben on a grand piano! LOL! I'm not sure he fancies her, but he might get desperate enough in there. I reckon he'd get off with her just to be polite.
I really like Keever's hair right now. I want to look like a boy in an 80s band, too.
Mario's t-shirt is nice with the butterflies on.
Oh, Josie. Why SHOULDN'T John James like you? You're both totally psycho. Sounds like a match made in heaven. You'll never get a bloke with that attitude. Actually, you're worth a lot more than him, nice teeth or not.
Ah. Keeley's backing off now Steve's been sniffing her pillow! But she was in the diary room with him going 'we're Posh and Becks'. Keeley's been out with a footballer... how tedious. Is Steve going to nominate Keeley tomorrow? Bet he does. Yeah, that's fool the wife.
Food fight... always ends in a ruck. I love the fact everyone is in party dresses and Josie is in a rank old man's dressing gown. John James's dancing was funny.
Keever looks hot tonight. Josie must be seething. Love Ben and Rachel's paralytic cuddling.
Josie is not whiter than white to be calling Keever cruel. I've heard Josie slag off most people in that house, and she was pretty cruel to John James when he was threatening to leave.
Dur, you're not allowed to say you want to be nominated! Josie should stop slagging Keever, it's just driving her into John James's arms. Keever is getting off on it. Keever is a man/ woman eater. She takes no prisoners. I'd be scared of her around MY boyfriend!

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