Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Big Brother: Get your raincloud out of my face

My internet is still not on and this Belkin bullshit is hanging on by a thread. Grrs.
Why is Keever always in cahoots with Mario and Ben lately? I liked Ben comforting her and calling her sweetheart.
Furnishings update: they have the same chest of drawers as us in the BB house. They're quite good those drawers.
It doesn't reflect well on Keever that she didn't walk with Shabby.
Nathan calling Ben a shithead for no reason. Nice.
Shabby: 'I'm not unpopular in real life.' Yeah I bet people love it when they come home to their mansion and find her
and Emilia sitting round writing Levellers lyrics on the back of army jackets and playing a trumpet. I bet they roll out
the red carpet.
Adbreak: go on Barrowman, blow those plastic housewives sky high! Tonight's the night.
I'm glad Keever's staying if she's going to vote out Nathan this week.
Nathan was the straw that broke Shabby's back. Why is Nathan being so belligerent today? Shabby's not even giving it back to him! She's a broken woman.
I want to be a by-product of mischief. It sounds fun.
Aw it was sad the way it ended with Keever and Shabby. They didn't even get to say goodbye.
Keever looks quite sexy today. She's right, Nathan does bully Ben. It doesn't matter if Ben realises it or not, it's still the truth.
Bad atmosphere in the house tonight! I'm done with Corin now. She's an enabler with Nathan. I never saw much in her anyway. She's just got white noise between her ears.
Shabby left in a huff, and that's it. She should have hung on. Shame. Big Brother shouldn't have let her leave in that state.
Ife and Nathan's coupling is as cloying as it is teeth-gnashingly grating.
Nathan, happy go lucky? Happy go cunty more like. Everyone HAS to feel good, on Ife's orders (or else).
Shabby, any last words before you shuffle out of the diary room? I think I might have behaved a bit like Shabby in there (ie. been an idiot) which is why I'd never go in.
OMG are Ben and Dave that stupid to talk about nominations AGAIN! Dur.
I'd like Mario to give me a comforting stroke if I was feeling down. Is Keever really crying? Aw to Josie 'I've got your back'.
John James is getting the Hira edit tonight. Boo.
I just said 'oh my God, what is Josie wearing?' to my boyfriend and he replied, 'Is it Etam's Picasso range?' LOLZ. This is why I'm wrinkly. Because he makes me laugh too much.
How long after Shabby left do you think Keever felt like the weight had been lifted? I reckon about 15 minutes. Sold Shabby down the river almost immediately with her 'lesbian sidekick' comment. Quite sad to see.
Why has Corin got a medusa wig on tonight?
WTF nominations right at the end? I smell a rat. I'm glad Ben voted Ife. Time she got dug out.
I liked Keever's nominations. I'd love to see Nathan and Ife up.
WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING CORIN? Is it because you're a mong? Oh, yeah.
Ugh Dave is anti-choice as well as anti-gay. Knob-end.
Ife, please stick your remorse up your arse, you dullard.
I knew John James was going to noninate Ben. And it's not for anything to do with tasks; it's because he called you an idiot.
Josie frightened of Corin! That really is a thick-off.
Mario nominated Steve! Daring.
Nathan has only tried to 'boost morale'. It's not the fucking army, dude.
Interesting Steve said John James only picks on women! Very good that he noticed that.
Mario's eyebrow raise at Ben's comments on Shabby 'acting like a man' was inspired.
I like the Corin backlash! It's fun. I think I could warm to this Mario/John James/Josie/Keever alliance.
Are these nominations going to stand? I get the feeling they're going to cancel them.
Keever is bold to declare 'Shabby was the most real person in this house' to everyone at dinner. How to win friends!
Liked Ben impersonating John and saying he can have a fight in an empty room.
Keever is doing it for Shabby. BFFs forever. Right?

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