Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Big Brother 11: Miffy Ife

That's weird they started the show with night time stuff. Steve is just showing off in front of his new girlfriend.
Ben is NOT a morning person. I don't like Dave and Keever's new-found friendship, it's sinister.
If Keeley is pocket poison, then Steve is a rat lapping that shit up.
Ife is not going to participate in the save and replace! Good. We can vote her out this week then.
Ben needs his beauty sleep! I reckon he needs at least ten hours.
What the FUCK is going on with Steve and Keeley? If I was his wife, I'd be worried. I feel like we've missed something. My boyfriend thinks they know each other. I'm glad she's brought out that side of him as he was doing less than fuck all before.
What's Corin come as; Michael Jackson? My boyfriend said she looks like she's decaying. I like Keever's hair today, she looks like a boy dressed up for a job interview. She's a feisty one!
I hope Keever saves herself! Shoot Ife! Shoot her dead. Or in the eye. Yay, she won! Love it.
Mario's up, so Ife's a goner. Can't believe Keever didn't put Dave up. That was a golden opportunity to get him out.
Ife must know she's fucked now. Mario's alright about it! He's all good. Honest. If she wanted to put up someone who was definitely safe, why didn't she choose Steve? Ah, Ife just said the exact same thing.
I like seeing the Nathan/ Ife/ Corin trilogy crumbling. It could EASILY have gone the other way. This show would be a disaster without Ben.
What is John James on about; I've never even seen him talk to Corin!
Mario is so desperate now I think he'd get off with Andrew given the chance. Aw, bless Andrew's never kissed a girl.
Mario you are not Big Brother! Stop setting secret missions. He is getting off on this. It's untoward.
You could just do anything in that house and pretend it's a secret task, just call everyone cunts and blame Big Brother.
John James not happy about Josie and Keever threatening to kiss! Who'd have thought it?
What is John James problem with Ben right now? He's mega grumpy.
Well, it's confirmed. Steve is a perv. So is my boyfriend who said 'don't you think Ben had a big packet?' !!!
Rachel looks creeped out. Steve is protesting too much! So are him and Keeley going to get off with each other or what? Blergh!

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