Saturday, 24 July 2010

Big Brother 11: Showmancing the stone

If Ben and Rachel had a row last night, why didn't they show it? Too busy crawling up Andrew Stone's arse. Boo.
What different ways does Ben shower? With the watering can in the garden. Ben is under pressure tonight. I don't like it when they all have a pop at him.
Steve is pining for Keeley! That romance is OVER. OVER.
Rachel is being a right uppity bitch lately. Don't give Ben back-chat. Just let him take your bed and suck it up. I'm glad she got a wake up call when loads of the new housemates said she was annoying on those clips. Oh, and put your top on.
Shame Keeley's gone in a way as she exposed something in Steve, but she would have been out anyway this week. Needless to say, Steve's glass eye has been packed away.
John James/ Josie love-in. I don't get why they always say he doesn't fancy her, he clearly does. They are quite co-dependant. I reckon they'll probably snog within the next five days.
Look at Steve stroking Rachel's neck! It's very intimate. There's no physical barriers in that house, it's peculiar. Everyone is fair game for a bit of a frink.
Why do we have to sit through that 'performance' twice? I think my boyfriend put it best when he said 'they rehearsed that?'
WHY DIDNT JOEL GET IN??? JJ is useless, he's just a pointy little shrew. He started talking about football on the live feed as soon as he got in there. Tubbs would have been loads better. Democracy fail.
Poor Laura having to introduce herself with 'I'm so sorry'. Whoops. She reminds me of Shell from yesteryear. I fear Ben may still be lacking intellectual conversation as it's just more idiot holes.
Dave, lay off that champagne, save yourself for the Lord. Why are Ben and Dave crawling up Rachel's arse? She's higher up the pecking order than any new housemates anyway. They should fear her if anything.
Dave is being especially creepy tonight.
Mario saying JJ is beautiful. He was clearly left too long sitting in front of Pinnochio as a child. If you tap him on the head it would probably echo.
Laura is getting on my nerves already and Jo doesn't want to argue with anyone. What's the point?
Yeah John James doesn't fancy Josie, that's why he's put his football shirt on. Come on now, what do you want, a written invitation? JUST SNOG ALREADY.
The term 'cougar' is sexist bullshit. No wonder Dave keeps saying it.
WTF Laura comes in that house and says 'John James goes to the diary room saying this...' SHE'S NOT ALLOWED TO SAY THAT, FFS. This new housemate stuff is bullshit, they can't keep their fucking traps shut.
I think Jo wants to be John James's bride, not Josie!
Aw to the 'I love you's. I'm a sucker for a showmance.

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