Friday, 16 July 2010

Big Brother 11: It should have been me!

Bit drunk tonight so blog results may vary. Also have friends round so they have a responsibility to help!
Is this cougar thing still ongoing? WHY IS DAVE STILL IN THERE? My friends are giving me NOTHING!
I wish I could fly... right up to the sky, but I can't (you can) I can't.
These highlights are shit.. it's not my fault.. it's this superheroes shit. I never liked The Incredibles either. Or the Dark Knight. But these special effects are better than Twilight.
Shopping list! Is this a highlight? Keeley looks sour. She must need some moisturiser or something. Beef cubes! Yum yum.
I like Josie's excessive use of the word 'cunt'. Keever seems like she's a third wheel in the Josie/John James saga. It's like Twilight, but uglier. That's my second mention of Twilight.
Andrew and Keeley taking the mick out of Corin! Hehe. Surely Ife's gonna go though? Right?
Andrew telling John James to back off was funny!
2nd show. I don't think this is going to get any better, I'm afraid. Worse, if anything.
I never knew Mario was so into designer clothes; he looks like he's dressed straight outta Primark. That parrot thing looks good.
Psychologeeeeeee! Look at Judi James's teeth, dude. Give her Polo.
Bye Ife. I'm not sorry. See ya later. Keever looks nice in her gold vest.
I don't like her 'straight-outta-Holloway' outfit.
Ahh they're showing the person their best bits now! The producers DO read my blog.
I don't like Ife's blue eyeshadow. Is she blubbing? See, showing them the best bits is good. She looks a bit boss-eyed. I think it's the eyelashes.
Do you think they've cut the end section where people call in? I hope so.
I'm glad she came out bald. I don't like her wigs.
Haha, I like this caller sticking it to Ife. She is a dullard.
Treedom! Josie's hair looks nice. No one in invested in getting Ben's suitcase back! Fuck him. I want a Ben wig. John James looks good in it. Ben: 'you all look very nice'. I like it when he puts mascara on! Ben FTW.
Apologies for this blog, I haven't just let you down, I've let my country down.


Anonymous said...

if you're not 100% committed love, i wouldn't bother.
Waste of our time and yours...

lightupvirginmary said...

oh give it up Benjamin. Before you make me set a bunch of rules for posting that everyone ignores because it's... er... psychotic. But then that fits with a Raul Moat apologist. YOU ARE SCUM! And your life story is really, really, really fucking DULL.