Friday, 23 July 2010

Big Brother 11: Hurty Dancing

Keeley not going back in? Weird! My only guess is she's seen the papers, seen she's been 'lovematched' with Steve and run as far away as possible. And who can blame her? They're not even going to interview her, are they?!
Not more of this Pineapple bullshit. Sink the fucker and give Spongebob a holiday home!
Could doing a bit of dancing be Steve's biggest challenge? No I'd say that was probably LEARNING TO WALK AGAIN WITH NO LEGS, you insensitive cunt.
Mario is being a whiny little bitch this week. I'm fed up with this task. It's got fuck all to do with reality, housemate interaction, or anything that Big Brother is all about. IT'S BULLSHIT.
I thought it was odd John James was saying something positive and it turned out it was just the start of the music video! The video was quite funny actually, as long as Ben was in shot anyway. Ben is a LEGEND. A real one, not like Raoul Moat. Josie looked cute. Rachel gets on my nerves, she's so relentlessly chirpy.
Ben does sound a bit like Simon Cowell.
Andrew Stone you have been evicted. PLEASE leave the Big Brother house. Please.
Dave is being a total dick this week. Burn him!
I think Josie is being a bit unfair flirting with Andrew, especially when she fancies John James so much, and Andrew is so clearly a virgin.
Three new housemates! They are getting desperate. I wouldn't trust that house to pick an outfit, let alone three people to entertain me.
Why are they bothering with this Keever interview? You walked. You don't deserve the Davina treatment. What is she wearing? A leotard and a shawl? Davina looks haggard. Eat a sandwich, you look like Skeletor.
I want the housemates to get a good booing when they come out those doors, nothing else. Oh dear, this is a car crash. Should have gone for John James and Josie instead. IS CORIN BUZZING? ARE YOU LOVING IT? Andrew looks like he's been put through a washing machine. He's pallid!
What's a USP? Not a good start. God, they look like a right rag-tag brood.
Jo seemed quite nice. Josie won't let her in. JJ looks like a puppet with a scunt on. Megan seemed quite nice. Joel: not so sexy. Laura is bubbly. She looks skinny to me. I like Sam! More geeks please. Don't think he'll get in though.
Tension! John James seems to have just picked whoever he wanted! I think I would have picked the other three exactly.
They should have picked the big black guy, I reckon. They definitely picked the wrong blonde girl. Steve had the deciding say! There's going to be trouble. Cue much thumb-sucking. It feels like we're back to square one!

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