Saturday, 10 July 2010

Big Brother 11: Babylon Groo

Put your eyebrows on, Corin, and stop slagging Ben off. NB. She draws them on beautifully. I wish she'd come round and do my eyeliner. Ben wanted Nathan to stay because he cooks. He needs to recruit a new slave.
They've sent in the new house mates early this year, I think, which is quite telling about the calibre of the current crop, not that the new ones looked any better. My boyfriend is griping that they didn't put the housemates in isolation- that ship has long sailed.
This Mcdonalds advert makes me ANGRY. Wi-fi types just passing by- keep passing, you cunts.
LOVE John James digging Corin out. Corin having a go at John James because she thinks he's leaving tonight. Dickheads! Bolt-ons! Jog on! This is an intelligent argument. I'm expecting it to go 'you know you are, you said you are, but what am I?'
Corin is YOUNGER THAN ME! Look at her face. She looks like she's been fucking GRILLED! Shut up, idiot.
Urgh my boyfriend just said Corin's boobs are nice; they look like two rotting oranges that have been stuck on to her. WHY ARE THEY SHOWING SO MUCH OF HER IN THE DIARY ROOM? Enough already.
John James is the biggest wind-up merchant on the planet. He's got EXACTLY what he wants.
Let's look at Corin's miserable boiled face when Nathan goes! LOL. I missed him tripping up the stairs, class.
Team Corin and Ife are looking shaky now! Very, very shaky.
Keever looks quite sexy tonight. Did Keeley really just tell them to tidy up?! Nice.
Andrew told us nothing about himself. I know something. He's a geek.
Rachel is getting on my nerves already. Keever looks like someone just let off a stink bomb. John James looks anxious, too.
Keeley pretending she doesn't know what they do; she knows full well what they do.
I love the fact Keever and Dave have a cuddle because they have a new common enemy now: the new people! Brilliant. It's just a fear of the unknown.
Ben is so MEAN slagging off Andrew for saying he likes Terminator. I don't think I've ever seen a house round on the newbies so quickly. It was glorious! They are always begging for new people; now they hate them!
The newbies are going to be recruited by Corin and Ife into a powerhouse of desperation. Give them the bed that tips up in the morning!
Ben slagging off other people for having bad manners! That's rich. Imagine getting nicknamed Cruella 30 minutes after entering a house!
I don't like those new people slagging off Keever.
Fag-butt pilfering! It's as traditional on Big Brother as much as shopping list wars.
Keeley is really making an awful impression on everyone! Hate-figure time!
John James could be with us for a while, I think. Bonza.

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