Sunday, 11 July 2010

Big Brother 11: Without Josie, I'm nothing

Oy, skippy. I liked the Australia facts task John was set.
Did Keeley go in the house and announce she 'dated footballers'?! John James refused to look at her when he was talking to her. You can tell he can't stick her.
Keeley: 'I don't look my age'; even if she does say so herself. She does look like a hard-faced cow, though. Liked John under-cutting her even though he knew how old she was.
How long before they slag Keeley off for tidying up? I give it five minutes.
Andrew is house geek, bless him. I liked his self-effacing about Mario hoping he was gay.
Why DO people shave their eyebrows off? And draw them back on again? WHY?!
Josie has no reason to be jealous of Keeley.
LOL to the tree calling John James 'thick boy'. John: 'who do you think you are, Alf Stewart or something?' That whole exchange was quality.
I thought John was cheating on the task a bit. Him and the tree are like best buddies now.
I'm taking bets now on if John's friend has got dreadlocks. There's no point even moaning about the 'contact with the outside world' thing now- that shark has well and truly pole-vaulted.
Ben's Bristol accent leaves a lot to be desired. 'She's not hot but she's got a driving licence!' God, where would the house be without him!?
Andrew's pointing at Josie's arse... I'd like to say you can't miss it, but it's too cruel. Andrew: 'I'm a sloth in the bedroom.' Andrew gives it back a bit too, he's not just the weak link, I think he could have quite a sharp tongue once he's settled.
I wonder if John James's family told him to behave himself. They should have!
Keeley reminds me of someone you work with who really rubs you up the wrong way.
John? Cruising for an argument? NEVER! Poor Josie. She doesn't know whether he's coming or going with him; it'd be my worst nightmare to have a crush on someone like that. In fact, I've been in a relationship with someone like that, and you end up doubting your own sanity.
Josie is being DRAINED by John James. He's really hurt her I think by being so personal. This makes me feel so sad for some reason. It's like if the planets faced a different way; they could live happily ever after. But they're doomed.
Why is John James so insecure about his looks? He's very handsome. Imagine if he looked like Andrew! He's right though; we are just born like this. It's just a lottery.
I don't think John James fancies Josie, but he's very dependant on her. I think she has looked after him in some ways.
I'm glad Josie will stand up to him, but I'm not good at holding a grudge in an argument myself. I crack after ten minutes. John does needs putting in his place. I think that's why he likes her; she's the only one who dares say 'no' to him.
Corin: Buzz off.


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