Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Big Brother 11: Wedding Mess

So Laura walked. Let's have a minute's silence, to mirror her time in the house.
OMG John James has told Josie he likes her! Well, so she says.
Josie's impression of that snog was way sexy. Didn't she force him to have that snog? 'When I kissed him my breath smelt like a portaloo.' Lush.
Josie is worrying about the cost of overseas phonecalls. I wouldn't smash the piggybank just yet.
That exercise Andrew and Dave are doing looks HARDCORE. Move over JJJJ. There's some new totty in town.
Big Brother seems keen to get rid of Laura! No John James treatment; calling people to the diary room begging her to stay. Just fack off, boring. Stop wasting everyone's time. What exactly can't she cope with? John James's accent?
Not interested in all the flim-flam when I know she's already gone; it's a dead storyline.
Steve looked shocked to be up. John James looked cool when he got nominated and did the peace sign whilst eating a banana.
I hope Ben wins save and replace! Not much chance though.
Steve looks a bit peeved. Dave is worried because he's up against the straight MEN of the house. Women don't concern him.
Task: interesting; who will Steve pick to go up instead of him? I knew he'd pick Andrew. I think he probably does feel bad about it. I guess Mario has got off lightly this week.
I don't think Andrew will go. Surely it's our chance to get rid of Dave?
Dave on Josie and John James snogging; 'it's like a frigging porno shoot'. How weird is he?
Josie seems to be being particularly needy today, and wandering round in a wedding dress isn't helping matters.
John is PLAYING this game! 'Tell Josie I got cheered if I go.' What a man! He's a hero.
John James's pet limpet is upset he might go. Shoulda caught that bouquet then, rat face.
Andrew pining over Josie. Aw. In another world. Who'd have thought Josie would be the femme fatale of the house?
Is Andrew drunk and letching at Josie? Oh dear.
PS: Jo as Eastenders character continued. I watched some live feed and she was going on about Ibiza. Enough said.

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