Thursday, 8 July 2010

Big brother 11: Robot bores

I'm having to write this on my mobile phone because BT are cunts, so apologies for brevity/ errors.
Ooh big brother has gone all daft punk! Robot rock. Exterminate the housemates, please. That robot is super cool.
Dave sidestepped that gay/abortion issue quite deftly. I'm glad keever called him out on it.
Ben: 'i'm not selfish at all'. ! !!
Get over it Mario, you'd still fuck him in 2 seconds if he asked. I hate to say it but Ben is right about mario, he IS a bit boring. But I still like him.
This task has been balls so far. I wish I'd stuck with eastenders.
We've got this Brian-molko meds-era megaphone that has a robot switch on it. Big brother has basically got carried away with that.
I like keever sticking up for Ben. She's flourished since shabby's gone. Don't get me wrong, she's got a nasty streak but I kinda like it. The smoothie thing was funnyish.
Corin is getting the 'happy happy house' edit. I hope she gets kicked out the back door like that dullard did.
Dave is ben's bitch! Who else would volunteer for that shit?
I like it when Ben refuses to have a sense of humour about things like the bed and the robot.
That robot voice is getting on my tits. I feel like Stephen hawking has done a celebrity hijack.
Don't bring your opinion to dave, he don't wanna hear it! He might say something that gets him voted out. I knew keever fucked up by slagging corin in front of dave. That will come back and bite her.
Lol to Ben sticking it to steve for being a 'war hero'. No one is safe! I hope bb plays that over the loudspeaker, it would be priceless.
Why won't dave get into it with keever? Because he will unravel like the woolly little little lamb he is. If someone was questioning my beliefs I'd defend them to the death.
This blog was brought to you by my thumbs. Hope you liked it.

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