Thursday, 22 July 2010

Big Brother 11: Take me to the hospital

Some thoughts from last night too as I was out dahn the pub like some sort of normal person. I don't buy Keeley's sowwweee act for a minute. Josie made herself look cheap by not saying goodbye to Keever. Keever was cool whilst leaving. At least she said goodbye, which is more than Shabby did. John James crying over it must have stuck in Josie's craw. Don't cry, crab eyes. Put your little pincer in mine, I'll make it alright. Josie's counselling skills were poor. My friend still wants Josie to win! WHY??? She's hopeless!
Rachel's 'romance' doesn't right true since she nominated Ben, therefore she's not interesting again. Another utterly pointless person in there.
I don't care who goes out of Rachel, Corin or Keeley. The newbies didn't take it in very good spirit.
Spider scamper task! Rachel's still going! Mean. I've seen a new side to her today (well, yesterday). She's not upset about her friend being hurt. She's upset because she's unpopular.
How can Keeley put John James up now he's helped her to the diary room after her itty bitty accident? Hehe. John James is a legend.
Oh, it's have a go at Ben time. Blah. John's been spoiling for an argument since Keever left.
Oh Steve and Keeley's emotional farewell, it's like Romeo and Juliet. Hurting your ankle is a bugger, though.
WHY ARE THEY GIVING ANDREW HIS EXAM RESULTS? He's in the Big Brother house, he's not meant to have contact with the outside world. Oh, I give up. What's Andrew studying anyway?
It's got to the point where I don't even care if John and Josie have a snog now. They are dead to me! Why is he extracting that information from her in such great detail and then saying he doesn't fancy her? He's created that situation from start to finish. His threats to leave are about as genuine as his hair colour.
NEXT show. Sorry, those 'few notes from yesterday' got a bit out of hand.
Argh, Glee. I can't stand musical theatre, singing, dancing, musicals, Pineapple Dance Studios or any of that bullshit. The only glee I like is 'all manner of it' in Meds by Placebo.
Couldn't they even have afforded Louis Spence? This whole Glee/ Don't Stop Believing link up makes me even more suspicious that channel Five is going to buy Big Brother. They are always pushing Big Brother on Live from Studio Five too.
Andrew Stone: even less famous than H from Steps, who was essentially just a stepladder for Donny Tourette (I know, who?)
Mario vs Ben: Mario is so pompous sometimes! Why is Dave shit-stirring? Zzzz.
Eek this singing is rough.
John James sounded like Jason Donovan compared to the others.
We have got our EYE on Steve in the Big Brother house and he's not got his eye in whilst Keeley's not there. Bet it's back in once she hobbles back. Fact. He could carry a note more than some of the others though.
Ben, try smiling when they announce evictions have been cancelled, it might help you out next week. It's a shame it got cancelled on the one week when I would have been happy to see all of them go.
I don't want Big Brother to force Josie and John James to get it on for some Glee rubbish. It's stupid. Even Mario thinks so. Ha, bet they're gutted Steve got picked instead.
My boyfriend just called Andre out as being Tamwar from Eastenders. It's so true!
I'm glad I wrote a blog yesterday as there's fuck all to write about tonight; it's all 100% flim-flam.
If that's John James not leading Josie on, I'd hate to see him giving her the cold shoulder. A girl would be called a prick-tease. John is just John being John! Grr.
Imagine living with someone that long and not even knowing they had a dead husband. Weird.
Dave is about as popular as herpes. Quite popular, yet still very unwelcome.
Tamwar is mad for Josie! Only because she's more likely to get off with him than Keever was. He's quoting journals; long-distance relationships don't work. Ouch.
I bet Steve is so happy to be patronised by some twat off of Sky. I liked Andwar ripping into him.
Two BBs in one day is punishment! Give me the respect I d-e-s-e-r-v-e.

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Anonymous said...

They gave Shell her exam results in BB5 and her reaction was quite touching. Then again, she got better results than Andrew!