Friday, 2 July 2010

Big Brother 11: Goodbye Sunshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

I don’t really care who goes tonight, which makes for a bit of a dull eviction emotionally. They are all ‘characters’ but none are particularly likeable. If I was in the house I think I'd strangle Sunshine, slap Shabby and just feel annoyed with Keever.
It was hardly like they asked Ben to snog Mario for a task, he only had to do an arm wrestle. He is being a prima donna. Imagine if he'd had Mario's mole task! He wouldn't have got past putting the outfit on. He got away with picking the stand-up role pretty easy. OMG why is he lying to the group about what Big Brother asked him to do?
Ugh that advert was twee-tronising.
This show is dragging so far. This comedy task aint funny.
Sunshine was laughing at the time but she doesn't know why because she didn't find it funny. Well, how is he meant to know that? Sunshine is digging her own grave right here. John having to tell chicken jokes in the middle of their argument was sadistically amusing. That was weird when Josie told him to shut up. They have a very odd relationship.
Who's that person standing next to Davina? Awkward. It's like Courtney Love's assistant filming up her nose with an iPhone.
This lolly task is a waste of lollies. Mmm, lollies.
I don't know if Ife thinks she's making herself look good by detaching herself from Keever and Ife. It doesn't make me think less of her, but it definitely doesn't make me think more of her.
Uh oh, the screen just died. Someone on digital spy said 'have they tried turning it off and on again?' LOL. That was weird that it just came back on and was up to date. Suspicious. Eviction is not live!
Sending Ben out in front of the crowd? This is wrong! This is diluting the brand! There's so many things wrong with this. He gets to see the crowd/ banners etc. He gets to hear a reaction. It's not cool. Big brother has jumped the shark so many times the shark has become extinct.
Ben has come dressed as one of Morrissey's backing band! OMG cringe! Ben is warming to this! His jokes are peculiar. He's got mascara on! I'm surprised he did it.
How weird that Sunshine went after the way Shabby behaved this week. I can't wrap my head around that. Her dress looks nice. I think she looks quite good, actually.
She didn't even get booed. There seems to be quite a friendly crowd tonight.
More technical problems! It's a tight ship they're running this week.
At least Sunshine dealt with the callers quite well. BB is obviously not happy for the housemates to pick the Bob Righter thing as they keep picking nice days. Didn't Ben ALREADY face the wrath of the tree by doing the stand-up?
Interesting that voiceover guy at the end said the loss of vision was nothing sinister! We'll be the judge of that.

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