Monday, 6 July 2009

Big Brother 10: Only a couple of thousand

Oh my God, when Kris is criticising your seduction skills and calling you sexist, you really have sunk to the bottom, Marcous. It's a cockroach looking down on a dung beetle. Oh, he only did it behind his back though. Funny, that. Then called Noirin a slut! Christ, you couldn't make it up. (Littlejohn, tm).
Kris and Karly: have you ever said anything nice in your life? Christ, Kris' ears stick out big time when his afro's wet. Unlucky.
YOU'RE THE PRICK! He aint gonna get squashed, and you saying Freddie will get squashed soon only increases his power with the viewers, you scummy little pig-dog.
The crash test task was boring, but could have been improved by embedding razor blades and broken glass in the crash point.
Karly: 'I never feel sorry for Freddie'. I sincerely hope her boyfriend has left her so I can return the favour.
Oh God, Noirin is having to do a 'you're my FRIEND' speech again. They should make a doll of her, pull her string, 'friend, friend, friend, friend'. What's a 'mickey-teaser'? Marcus, she does not want 'that chat' in the outside world. You repulse her! She did tell him quite clearly; but I don't think it penetrated.
Siavash is a wise old bird. I'm enjoying his work lately. He sees everything.
Eating burgers, drinking and raving sounds good for an hour. Can you imagine Freddie on an E? I'd be like, 'do go on..' whilst stuffing my earplugs in. Has Sophie never been to a techno club? Dear oh dear! Haha Freddie's face afterwards was a picture. Upchuck city!
Oh dear, Marcus is brooding. He's gonna kick off at some point, and it won't be pretty.
I BET Sophie is happy about potential love between Rodrigo and Charlie; it takes Kris out of the gay-quasion.
Haha Freddie's raving conversation with Rodrigo was a joy for all the wrong reasons. Siavash and Marcus were not appreciating! I can see how living with Freddie would be hard. But he's fun to watch!
Marcus 'only has a couple of thousand' action toys! Lawks. His eulogising about the action figures in boxes was interesting: 'half the ones I want I'm not even going to open because I know they're going to let me down', hmm, what would the BB psychologist make of that?
Interesting how they cut that conversation with Siavash and Noirin; he was very explicit that Marcus was not to be told about that conversation, and I believe he was only looking out for his friend. That editing could have said something different.
That conversation about who's older between R&C was inane in the extreme. Get Charlie out! Rodrigo's schizo, but that's OK. Why IS he annoying Charlie so much? I don't know... but I like it!
Idiot Charlie saying he was going to nominate Rodrigo. That dickhead deserves to be up (it was announced today on BBLB that he can't nominate and he's up for the boot- yessss!) And can you imagine the faces? Go on, just IMAGINE Kris's face.
It don't matter who's up: vote Charlie out.

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coxon le woof said...

I'm with you on teh SIavash front. je seems like the only normal person in there. I too like Freddy but think he would actually do my head in if I had to be around him constantly.

As for Marcus ... well, I think he missed both the subtext and actual text of Noirin's chat because he was concentrating so hard on peeling that potato. Seriously, he looked like it was straining his brain. Love the fact that he's turning into Sree!

And I completely agree with everything you've ever written about Kris. Cunt of the highest order with no likeable traits at all.