Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: You haven't done anything wrong

Nominations plus the Daley fall out; this should be a good show. I've pinpointed what it is that's made this series so good and it's that few big characters being evicted. It could be a VERY different show without Gina, Dexter and even Dan. BB have fiddled with the noms quite a lot, but I think it's paid off.
So Hazel did go back to the safe (!) house after nutgate. The pitchfork crowd will be up in arms! I've literally been defending her all day to WOMEN who think she's responsible for words that come out of Daley's mouth (not even including what he did physically). It's a sad, bitter, petty sexist world we live in.
So glad I don't have to hear Daley's aggressive, horrible voice anymore. Except for when he's on BOTS later and no doubt pretending he's sorry after being told to. I bet a million pounds Hazel still gets dragged through the mud. Let me very clear: I do not LIKE Hazel. But that has NOTHING to do with what Daley did and the sort of man Daley is. Let's not fudge the two issues.
Kick out times again! I wonder if this conversation with Hazel and Dan really took place at the same time as Daley was in the DR. Interesting Hazel said she'd gone off him. Trust Charlie to ruin that conversation. She ruins everything. She's ruining two hairstyles at once on the one head.
Notice they didn't show him slagging off Hazel again! Just jog on in your little shorts, Daley.
I was pleased to hear Hazel say she doesn't want the drama in her life before she even knew he had gone. I knew she wouldn't stand for his crap. She's a ball-buster.
Interesting they kicked Daley out THEN gave Hazel a warning. And we didn't get to see the warning. Ah, I know why. Cos they told her not to tell the other housemates about what Daley did. Right?
Also interesting how in denial the housemates were about the announcement Daley was leaving. They haven't got a clue, have they?
Hazel: 'why are you looking at me? How do I know what the rules are?' Haven't you read the rule book? Vinnie Jones was all over it.
Twins; 'he's not done anything that serious.' How the FUCK do you know, you presumptuous little twits? He could have punched or sexually assaulted Hazel in the SH for all you know, you don't see EVERYTHING! You don't KNOW everything. They are insensitive little twerps. It's not like BB just throws someone out for no reason.
Dan feel like it's real. Dan has spoken.
Dexter, don't blub about Daley. I'm sure you'll be bro's on the outside, bruv (well...)
Notice how Dan's first conclusion was that 'he'd tried it on hard' ie. sexually assaulted her. Daley can't be a stand up chap for that to be the first thing for a fellow housemate to think, can he? Was sad when Hazel said 'I'm going to be in so much trouble' because it's true, she is, unjustly, and she will blame herself, too.
I'd like to have that cuddle with Dan if I was feeling down. I think he can be a good friend. Quite firm at times, but fair (mainly).
I thought Hazel was quite fair in the retelling of the story, she didn't embellish it. I cried then when she told that story. She didn't mean for that to happen. I don't think he did either, but it doesn't matter, HE IS THE ONE WHO DID IT. Have we got that yet?
Dan ALMOST said 'I told you so' but resisted.
That was quite nice when Big Brother said to Hazel 'you don't always have to be fine.'
Will Dan keep the secret?
Hazel on Daley: 'I hope he'll be OK.' Daley on Hazel last night: 'She's a devious person.' Prediction of Daley on BOTS tonight: 'I'm sorry, I was under a lot of stress etc.'
How could anyone defend a man who's first thought when being ejected was to blame his victim? It makes me sick to my stomach.
I'm glad Gina interrupted Charlie's boring girl-band tales by getting attacked by some wildlife.
I don't see why Hazel can nominate; Dexter and Gina couldn't last week.
NOMS! Twins did Dexter and Callum and I wrote that before they even spoke. I hate their speaking in unison in the DR, it's not cute. I would like to see them shown the door this week.
Callum did Dexter, probably because he's got better dress sense that him. Yay, he did Jackie, too. Don't blame him, she treats him like crap. Yeah he wants Charlie to 'come out of her shell'. Come out of her knickers more like.
Jackie nommed Gina for being unhygienic. Don't you get it, Gina is not going to go? Are you stupid or something, Grandma? She nominated Callum for being too keen to ride the bike when people need to do their hair. Callum; YOU BASTARD. You're no better than Hitler!
Was nice when one of those twins cuddled Hazel. I hope they've not been going on at her about what the reason is. Hazel looks good with that high ponytail. So what if Daley's Sam's best friend! He's GONE!
Back to noms: Sophie did Callum for being 'biggy big bollocks' whatever than means. She also did Dexter because she's a prick.
Charlie: 'there's some really great people in here, it's hard to nominate.' Gina: laughs in her face. I love Gina!
Dan nommed Callum. Oh God, are they STILL going on about Callum's audition tape three weeks later? That should be invalid! GET OVER IT.
Ooh, Dan nommed the twins over DEXTER. Brilliant. But he hates Joe more. I still don't know who's who, but Joe, you've fucked it for Jack. Oh, Joe's the fatter one. I think the fatter one is the gay one?! I don't know, though.
Sam nominated Dexter. Aw, that makes me sad after the chat I saw with them the other night. Ha, he called Dexter 'smarmy.' Dexter is smarmy, a bit. Sam also nominated Gina. Haven't you worked out Dexter and Gina aren't worth nominating?
Gina nommed Jackie in Nikki Grahame style. Gina nominated the twins! Yes, glad she didn't nominate Dexter. Ah, Gina likes Jack more than Joe, too. Joe, you're dragging the twin alliance down, mate.
Charlie nominated Callum because she's a heartless bitch. I hate the way she goes on between him and Dexter. Ooh, she nominated the twins, too. Ha, she nominated the twins for calling her boring. Well, they called that right. Twins got more than I thought.
Hazel looks good today, like a wronged Lara Croft. She nominated Gina and Callum.
Why is Charlie going sniffing round Callum after she nommed him? I really don't like her.
Dexter's noms: Callum (because he wants to fuck Charlie). Dexter is nominating Callum for being manipulative! That's rich. Oh no, Dexter nominated Gina! Disappointed face. D&G is ovah!
Dexter's getting told off by him - sorry, Charlie's - mum. Chip-gate! Sam's face during the Jackie and Dexter's argument was funny. Jackie is enjoying arguing with Dexter!
I don't know why Callum is surprised to be up. I love Gina's reactions to nominations. I'd be up every week if I was in that house, too! I don't know why Hazel is hugging Callum, she nominated him.
Twins: 'it's obvious who's done it.' Jackie: 'Jack and Joe, you will not go. That's 100%.' Move over, Wolfy, there's a new optimist in town!
Good to see the twins UTC and depressed a bit; they're quite happy to put Dexter on the rack every week.
Ah, they're doing reverse psychology: 'we knew we wouldn't make it to the final.' At least the twins can go stuff their faces to their hearts content when they leave. That's all they care about anyway.
Callum: 'I'm done with this house anyway. I'm not done with it, I'd love to stay.'
I thought Gina was going to laugh about the twins faces when she said they were up, but she said she felt bad! Gina is in proper 'It's so cooooooooooold' mode tonight.
Twin about Dexter: 'if there's any justice he will leave.' No, if there's any justice, it will be a double and we can kick out two for the price of one with you are your sour-faced brother, plus the mother no one asked for. Vote twins and Jackie to save Gina and Dexter, please.
Oh God, time for the Daley show. I need a drink.

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