Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: Huff and puff - it's noms fix week!

Parcels of insecurity! Lets hope there's a special delivery for Wolfy tonight. I really don't want Dan to go, much as I can't bear him. He's a good housemate whatever way you dress it up. DI Disaster.
At least Dexter retains a sense of humour amidst that 'orrible lot.
Oh, Dan, the next target to be bugged and interrogated is Callum. What's the point in trying to get Sam to have an opinion? Might as well talk to the bedside table. I like Dan's jumper again. At least he's fashion forward and has stopped wearing that gross orange vest and pedal pushers; for now.
Ugh, I missed about five minutes there as cats were playing with a giant stag beetle and it nearly went in my handbag. It was the stuff of nightmares!!! I put it out the catflap.
Shopping task. Not interested. Next! Oh, it's like the one in BBUS when it looked like Janelle was fucking something. Doesn't work so well with the twins. It's like a BBUS task without the charm. And any point to it.
Dan 'senses a bit of awkwardness.' Is it because he caused it?
Wolfy's got her shit shield up. How can we tell? Oh God, stop saying the public like you! We HATE YOUR GUTS!
I like Dexter's cardie. When did Dexter get given this task?! More tasks without explanation! Ugh.
Oh God, Callum is like when I was about 12 before we knew what sex was, we used to give each other massages and snog with no tongues. Callum is like that. A prepubescent romance you don't want and never asked for.
Spelling task. I wish I cared.
Hazel: 'Big Brother might not be for Dan.' Why is she saying that, I thought she was his bestie? I don't trust that bitch as far as I could throw her.
Dexter, stop 'putting things out there'! Ha, Dexter telling people to be diplomatic and tactful, jokes. Jackie admits she's like my mum, she lets it build up then blows.
Dan is having a crack up. It's not because he's up for eviction though, oh no. The trouble with Dan is he thinks everyone should like him. He doesn't realise what an absolute tool he is. Wolfy, give Dan a cigarette. Stop keeping count like queen bitch in the nick. Stop saying you're being victimised, Wolfy. I'll victimise you. With a razor blade.
Dan, pull yourself together. Dan needs someone new to interrogate, it's the only thing that makes him happy.
Hopefully Dan having a pity party will get him saved tonight, although it's clear Hazel's had enough of him; not sure why though.
Ha, did Wolfy just say to Dexter he's the only person she has respect for?! What has she been smoking (gross roll ups).
What's going on with Daley and Hazel? Is this why she's dropped Dan like a sack of shit? She must like his personality. Doesn't he have a girlfriend? That's a bit tawdry.
Wolfy has 'a line of tobacco left'. Is she going to snort it? She 'makes prison rollies'. Ha. Told you.
Why do they all think Wolfy is safe? I don't get it. Dexter and Gina are being kind of cute. I like them together.
OK, here we go live to the house for a big fat fix. Gina just sneezed in the Diary Room and no one even said 'bless you'. Manners cost nothing!
Is this seriously all we're getting tonight, viewers questions? Seriously, who cares?
Haha, 'Wolfy, you're not my best friend because you're not sharing fags with me.' Gina's friendships are built on solid foundations. Dexter and Dan are trying not to laugh.
Dan doesn't like being called bitchy. Public doesn't care. God, do we really need to hear MORE about cigarettes?
Oh great, now they're giving Wolfy a hint she's not popular. Wolfy, you can't be a self-proclaimed freak. A million freaks have won BB.  It's a prerequisite.
Gina is right, Dexter is the best housemate 'as a viewer'! I hope that means he's safe now.
GET ON WITH IT, BB. God, did they really call Emma in for this? Oh, no, it's a fake double eviction. Grr. Ooh, safe from next weeks noms! Make it Dexter and Gina! This is good, but it still saves Wolfy, which sucks. It's just the bedshit/ crypt task recycled. Bhahahaha! The villian, etc.
Put DEXTER AND GINA IN the safe house! There's no competition really, is there? They are probably trying to ruin Dexter and Gina's popularity. If there were three housemates up I liked, I'd say fair enough, but it's still a rehashed task. The housemates never fall for it, and can normally hear them. I do like watching housemates watch Big Brother though, for some reason. It amuses me.
God, I really need to bite the bullet and speak to Anton this week don't I (he works near me)! I'm so not gonna, though. He knows the meaning of TV gold. Big Brother, however, don't.
They could have probably made about 50K off the votes to save Wolfy. Seriously, what are they playing at?

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