Thursday, 4 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: I don't want to die... I want to do that again

Just had a little catch up session for my boyfriend who was behind so now I've watched some bits of this week twice! Joy! His hatred for Dan is higher than mine. I like Dan's tragic melodrama. I also think Callum's more interesting now he's coming undone. I feel sorry for Callum! What if he IS just a nice guy?!
Hazel doesn't like code except for when Daley's spelling out 'I like you' like a backwards child. My boyfriend wasn't convinced he could spell.  Mind you, the longest word was four letters long. Let's see him spell 'infidelity'.
Oh God, is this task still going on? I didn't understand it yesterday. I just saw a good task on BBUS, it involved rubber dinghies and a river! Now that's a task! I still don't get this task. There's no explanation. Nae mind.
Callum's tattoos are so Ibiza 1997, bless him.
Can we be spared Jack and Joe in the shower again? Can we just be spared them full stop? I can see your bald patch, ner ner.
At least we know for sure Hazel's a complete cunt now. It was just a suspicion before, but now it's confirmed. I think Daley IS involved in drama; with his girlfriend. The only reason he's not involved in house drama is because he doesn't speak to anyone.
Dan's commandeered the kitchen now, that's always the kiss of death. And he's got his gross neon vest on again.
Majority rules task. What's the betting Dexter gets a kicking? These three aren't on the same wavelength at all.
I'd like to punch that twin who keeps slagging off Dexter in the face. Dan is doing some great expressions at the moment, some proper stink eye. It's like someone's nicked his favourite handcuffs.
Daley and Hazel are actually making me want to vomit, I don't know who's more disgusting out of the shallow pair. Actually him; but she's the one who'll get hung on the rack over it. Dan is 'sensing' something between Hazel and Daley. Is it narcissism?
Is this task STILL going on?
Charlie is saying to Hazel that they've not put any single people in! That's bullshit. She's pussyfooting round in her jackboots as usual. Why couldn't something have happened with Charlie and Callum?
Charlie is subtle as a BRICK! Is she doing it innocently or NOT? My boyfriend thinks not. Hazel; don't play innocent. you know what this conversation is really about.
Why does Charlie say these things?! Her strategy is fucked. Hazel is now insinuating that Charlie fancies Daley. She is a sneaky one.
Yes Daley, it's having girls who are friends who have got you into this situation not your pathetic playground codewords. The first time he speaks in three weeks and it's to say something dumb. Hazel is just stealing someone's boyfriend just because she can to prove she's top dog in the house. I don't know how she thinks it's going to make her look but it's got Noirin written all over it. Daley is beneath contempt. Bring his girlfriend in!
I like the way Dexter looks like he's dressed for a job interview half the time. I don't think they're really going to throw knives at Gina. It will be like that really rubbish gorilla they put in one time. Ha.
I wouldn't let someone throw knives at me for any money. It's not worth it! Why is she so game to do all these tasks?! They've put her in the old electric shock suit, too. Wouldn't it be funny if Gina won this show? I'd love to see her face. I'm not even going to comment on outsiders in th house, that ship has sailed so far.
I wouldn't even like being spun round like that! I'd piss my pants. 'I want to do that again' - class.
Shopping list times! Give Wolfy Tabasco instead of tobacco.
Daley, you're not a closed book, you're a fucking used dirty magazine. Callum's David Brentism's are so poetic. 'What do they say... *insert something trite here*.
Dan, Hazel doesn't like you when you're on the block, don't you get it? She only likes you when you're top dog like her.
Hazel likes Dexter to chat to 'during the week'? What about at weekends? Oh, stop going on, Dan. Why is he slagging Callum to Daley, Daley's friends with Callum!
Does Sam have an OPINION on anything? All I see is people talking to him when he just sits there. He's worse than Sophie, at least she used the word 'agg'.
Is Dexter stupid or something?! Stop telling people to nominate Wolfy! You're not on BBUS.
My boyfriend just said to me that 'Dexter is like Jesus' but the rest of the sentence made no sense.
Wolfy has been wearing that same jumper all week; I hope she's got some Febreeze on the go. Wolfy is a 'peaceful person who avoids confrontation'. OK, then. *backs away*
Dan, stop going on at everyone! You're going to get nominated every week at this rate. Just shut your mouth for a week. I'm surprised he doesn't start every conversation by reading people people their Miranda rights.
Even the twins are pissed off with Wolfy's arrogance! Yes. This is good news. They're mad cos they think they're the favourites. Get her out.
Callum and Charlie are professional sticky beaks! Let Daley dig his own grave! Why are they bothered? I don't think Sam wants to get involved. Leave him out of it. Callum is just trying to take the heat off himself, in my opinion.
Callum, stop crawling to Dexter, you put him on the block to his face. I'm glad Dexter's not accepting it. 'Backed you the whole way'?! Hardly! Callum: 'I appreciate your honesty.' I love Dexter calling Callum awkward. Dexter has every right to be mad with Callum, he nominated him face to face. Seriously, what does Callum want from him? Dexter's got some balls to say that to him and not just go 'it's alright.'  I'd blatantly just go 'oh alright then.'
Daley: 'me and Hazel are close and it runs deep.' But there's 'still hope with the girlfriend'. Is there indeed?! Why is he explaining himself to Charlie, it's got nothing to do with her anyway.
Everyone seems a little drunk to me! 'I know you wouldn't do anything in here.' Are you sure? Detective Dan is on the case. 'there's a little bit of attraction there.' Well done, Dan, you've cracked it. Time to go harass someone else.

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