Monday, 22 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: Jedward are very, very clever

Being deaf is a good excuse for lying in, and also Sam said he couldn't hear people snoring, so it's not all bad being disabled, is it?
I wish we could evict dreary Charlie and her eyebags this week.
Sam and Sophie get to see Diary Room entries! Ooh. Will they be able to think of a decent question between them, though?
Marcus missed a trick - he should have said: 'Dexter is angrily turning the wheel for Callum's shower.' He is giving Callum proper stink eye!
I keep forgetting Hazel is in there until I see her in the Diary Room. Hazel: self-proclaimed floater! Grab a life-vest, etc. Hazel: 'I'm a wind-up merchant.' Er...
Sophie is right: Dan isn't safe if he goes up. Especially against these two.
Sophie's cogs aren't quite turning on full speed, are they? Why would Callum have to choose between Charlie and Sam? It's a stupid question.
Also, why have Sophie and Sam co-ordinated their outfits today? Dastardly. Argh, I'm really worried they're going to choose Dan as a compromise! I want them to choose the twins!
Hazel's boobs almost fell foul of the limbo!
Even the twins know this chat is a fix, so it doesn't take Detective Dan to work this one out.
I'm sick of hearing these housemates talking about cameras, their entrances, celebrity, boos, auditions and so on. Why can't they just be in the game without going on about the game.
Two classic Dexter lines in one go: Dexter on Jedward: 'Very, very clever.' Dexter, 'If I was a woman, I'd be a billionaire right now.'
Those twins are so sour every time Dexter speaks. Money means nothing when you work in Sainsburys because you haven't got any. Dexter can't sell his soul because he hasn't got one. Twins are upset because Jedward are more popular by them. I'm not even going to comment on 'Who's Ghandi?' it's so contrived.
Callum blatantly knows these questions are a fix! Mind games. These clips are just one giant arse-kiss.
Don't pick Dan! Dan deserves to go all the way. I've screamed at him, he's driven me mad, but he's been a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat housemate.
How did Gina even know about Sam and Charlie's chat in the treehouse?! Gina is pretending she's offended about something again!
Sam thinks Gina's personality is class, haha. There's only a year's age difference between Sam and Gina, it's unbelievable! I think Sam is intrigued by Gina.
Callum would be good if you were in a club, wouldn't he, head massages on tap, plus lots of positive affirmation.
LOL to Dexter overhearing that whole conversation! Speak of the devil indeed.
Oh God, live to house. They're gonna pick Dan, aren't they?
OMG Rylan looks like a stick of liquorice! Look how skinny his legs are. He makes Russell Brand look obese.
Oh shit, they've chosen Dan! Oh, no. Dan doesn't deserve to go out like this. LOADS of people have been waiting for their chance to evict Dan. SHIT! Let's vote to evict Sophie instead! She offers nothing.
My boyfriend seems sure Sophie will go! I'm not so sure. Bugger. I wish it was the twins, or even Callum.
What it came down to is that Sam didn't want to live with the twins and Sophie didn't want to live with Callum. Now we have to join forces and evict the deadwood! Get Sophie out!

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