Thursday, 25 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: It's not gonna matter a shit to me once I get out

Another dragged out task. I was thinking watching some live feed earlier, that if Dexter had really left that time he was fake evicted he would have gone out a hero. Instead, he'll be going out as entertaining but insincere. The gold has definitely turned green for me, I'm afraid, which is a shame. And he's still my number two housemate, so that says it all, really. On the feed after Callum's strip tease, Dexter just kept going on and on about his streak and how that made them even, as if we're keeping count, and as if we're interested in the rivalry. Dexter: get a grip, kiddo. You're losing it.
Why are they doing this to Hazel? And I don't mean the thick, vindictive, sexist public, I mean Big Brother. She's a victim in that house, even if you don't like the word 'victim' for her; that's what she is, a victim of aggression. And they are tormenting her. And she is gritting her teeth and getting on with it. ARE they trying to make people feel sorry for her? That's the only reason I can think for it.
Gina is acting spoilt, but not humorously.. Oh God, I don't want to go off her as well.
I love the way Dan bitches to Dexter about Callum and to Callum about Dexter. I have to agree with Dan, though, Callum was going 'I can never be a teacher now' about stripping. Well, if you really wanted to be a teacher, you wouldn't have stripped. And besides, they let paedos be teachers now, so don't worry about it.
Dexter, stop calling Callum creepy. He IS creepy. But you were the house bitch three weeks ago, so don't you forget it.
Oh seriously, are they busting out the chillis again? The electric shock suits can't be far behind. Sophie is really enjoying seeing Dan suffer, lol. (Get her out, etc)
Dan and San both have good tans!
Did Charlie just say 'I can't freestyle' (rapping) which presumably means she thinks she can WRITE a rap? Oh, Lord! I think I'd rather see Jackie rap. Mind you, same difference.
Hold on, her rap wasn't actually that bad. Like, the rhymes, not the rapping. Wait, let me rephrase that. It wasn't as bad as I THOUGHT it would be. Callum is nodding along, gangsta style. He knows about the mean streets of Maidstone, yo.
Cruel showing Dan in the toilet! His little 'ooooh...' as well. Aw.
Dexter should have chosen Hazel for the date to perk her up. He looked thrilled at the prospect of kicking Callum out of the tree house. Oh god, that patronising pat on the back Charlie did to Callum! Ugh!
No, Dexter hasn't been told to say cheesy lines, he's just a cheeseball. Charlie: caught between a cringebag and a cheeseball. Lucky lady. 'A real man.' Oh, God.
All those things Dan is saying about Hazel 'she's driven, beautiful intelligent, savvy, ambitious' is why the public don't like her. Because she's a baddass. And she's quite ruthless with it. That's why. People can't cope with strong women, especially ones who don't respect the 'girl code.' All I'll say is, have you ever got off with someone else's boyfriend/girlfriend? Yeah? Well, Hazel didn't even get that far, so who's the slut (male or female) now, hmmm? You homewrecker!
LOL, they're making housemates stand in the order we want them to win! This is a massive clue to public opinion. It will be a good reality check for some, though.
Did Gina just go into first place without so much as an argument?! I know they got a tennis ball with the odds on thrown in, but a bit of humility, please! Bad strategy.
Ha, it's funny watching them do this. Why have they put Dexter in sixth? HA the twins had to swap spots with Dexter (four places above them!) That's GOT TO hurt. This makes me want to vote Callum higher! Let's make Callum our new winner! Callum should try just thinking things and not saying them, for example 'so Dexter's third' and then looking upset.
I'm not sure I like that task on the whole; it's interesting for now, but too revealing.
Changed my mind about Callum already. It's not up to YOU to decide who the villains and heroes are, it's up to US! NB. Callum just said something and then said 'fact'. Fact.
HAHAHA, I just proper giggled at the twins pissing and moaning about being unpopular! Just goes to show how little mummy knows, isn't it! I hope it sinks into their thick heads (although it's doubtful) that their constant insulting of vastly more popular housemate Dexter isn't helping their case.
Haha, the twins hating on Gina for being popular! 'Mummy, we're not the favourites! I want to go home now!' There's 200 doors to choose from, get to fuck, fatty. They've got faces on them like they had for the first week, like someone just took the last sausage roll off them
Haha, Callum is pretty upset about being unpopular, too. Hazel looks better with less make up on. Daley was right! Come back, Daley! Innocent, poor, sweet Daley.
Oh, Gina, stop going in the Diary Room and doing party political broadcasts. It's like fucking Queen's speech, but slightly more insincere. What is this 'I'm a good person' bullshit? It's not the inside we're interested in, it's your quirkiness. Stop believing your own press.
Hazel, it's not Dexter's fault the public hate you, it's DALEY'S. Dexter doesn't have that much influence over the public, and Hazel KNOWS IT deep down. She's clutching at straws and then some. I did like it when she said 'It's not going to matter a shit to me once I get out' though. There's something hard about her that I find quite appealing. I'd quite like to be that emotionless; she's almost robotic. Most people would be dissolved into a heap if they were her right now.
Twins about Dexter: 'he's the one guy I don't want winning it.' TOUGH.
Gina and Dexter are upset cos the plebs are going on at them. Yeah, haters, cos we're in the top three!
Yes, Dexter has finally got one up on the misery twins. I have to give him props for that, cos they've treated him like a bunch of crap for weeks.
LOL to Gina laughing at twin X. Ha, him clicking at her! Gina looked disgusted by his very presence.
Now they're digging Dan out now for being unpopular. Mean!
Not sure they're gonna get Dexter's head through that door at this rate.
Why DID Sam come second in the viewers poll to win?! He never says a WORD! Seriously, is this what we want from a winner? A dopey kid? Sam feels invincible. And he's probably right.
Please: vote to evict Sophie. Thank you.

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