Monday, 15 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: Daley bailed

Weeeeeeeeell, the slut shack worked out well, didn't it? Not exactly a shock to see Daley out on his ear, after his antagonistic behaviour the night before. I'm not sorry to see the end of Romeo and Juliet, I must admit. I am disgusted with some of the comments I've seen about Hazel; and there's been a lot of them. Victim blaming is alive and well, as if you didn't know. 'She led him on, she drove him to it, he had pent up rage.' It would be funny if it wasn't so horrific.
It's always the quiet ones, isn't it? I remember last year Conor didn't speak for about a month then BAM. Pent up rage indeed! Women hating, more like.
I notice Hazel has less make up today on than normal! Doing as she's told.
Job interview task! Daley: you're fired. I liked the way Dexter shook hands; it was confident. I thought they already showed Charlie nominating Callum! 
Why does everyone hate Callum so much?! Looks like he's going to be up this week. Yeah Callum, why can't you be more nasty like Daley? Jackie seems less adverse to a Dexter son in law than a Callum son in law. 
Gina, who do you dislike in the house? 'Hazel, Hazel, Hazel.' Ace.
Hazel calling Gina 'boring'! That's the last thing she is.
Dexter and Callum having a little dig at each other, I've been waiting for this moment. Womaniser, womaniser, etc.
How will we be able to tell the difference when Callum is 'overly complimenting' Charlie?
Ad break: I want to kill every last person in this McDonalds advert! I'm praying for a knife crime. Don't care if it's the creepy old man or the cliched estate kids. Shoot the lot of them dead.
Also, I don't require MEAT in my crisps, thanks! Why not try reducing the fat in them a bit?
Shows what a sadistic pair Daley and Hazel are putting Charlie and Callum on a date together and making Dexter be the butler. 
Charlie, you could have combed your hair for the date, and you've got a face like a bag of spanners. Poor Callum, dragged through the mud again.
Callum: 'wake up in the morning, self doubt.' That sounds pleasant! Does he follow that with a shot of vodka? He feels worthless! Aw. This speech doesn't even feel real. 'I invested in you.' She's not a bank!
Callum is having a loo cry whilst Dexter has a piece of Charlie. Charlie LOVES the attention of having Callum and Dexter fighting over her!
Sam: 'have you been crying?' Callum: 'NO! It's my lenses.' Dexter trying to crawl round Jackie, haha. 
Things they cut out of the Hazel/ Daley fight that I saw on the live feed: him swearing on his kids lives, him going 'bitches be crazy' and counting down agitatedly because Hazel was chatting in the garden with Charlie for 20 minutes when he obviously wanted some attention. They also had an argument about what colour the Irish flag was for about 15 minutes.
OK, so it definitely started out as a play fight, but we all know that ends in tears. Cover-gate! 
If someone said to me 'I go mad' I wouldn't say 'go for it' if I was Hazel. This is a girl who's never been in an abusive relationship. Seems like she she was getting off on it a bit, and I hate to say that. But that DOES NOT MEAN she is to blame.
When he grabbed her throat, they were KIND of messing around. I don't know why he said 'I'm going to nut you one'. Argh, I don't want to defend him but there was a bit of a grey area there. It wasn't quite Charles Saatchi. But it was horrible. 
Weird the way Hazel went to sit on that chair so suddenly, and she looked a bit twitchy. Maybe she was laughing nervously before? Maybe she was more scared than she let on?  
Daley: 'Did I say anything offensive?' Er, yeah! He was so drunk, he probably doesn't even realise what he said.
Daley: 'Aggressive?' Argh, Hazel looks nervous. I think she knows it went over the line. She's rattled.
Hazel in the DR will be what seals Daley's fate. Yep, she sealed it. 
Ha, Hazel got a warning, too. So she's getting a bit of the blame. This will feed the vultures nicely. 
Daley gets called to the diary room looking like a prawn. Weird when BB reads your word back to you, isn't it?
Oh shit! Big Brother told him Hazel said she felt threatened! They shouldn't have said that. He will BLAME HER! This is so wrong. It was HIM, not HER. She MUST have been called into the diary room today and asked again if she felt uncomfortable around him, right?
Daley has a point with 'how come we were cuddling afterwards'? It DID start off as a joke. But that joke isn't funny anymore. It's quite good really, because it shines a light on what goes on behind closed doors if that can happen on TV, and how quickly someone can become out of control.
Now here's the crux. He's the real Daley: 'I want everyone to know Hazel is the most devious person, and a liar as well.' Finally - we see it. It's all her fault. Daley's innocent. He'll run back to the girlfriend. They'll live happily never after. And Hazel: burn the witch. These sexist cunts have already got their pitchforks ready. Oh, Daley. Why couldn't you just have said sorry and gone out with a modicum of respect?
Just saw the bit on BOTS where they told the house and they didn't believe Saint Daley could have been ejected. But WHY did Hazel pretend not to know why? That was the perfect opportunity for her to hint at something horrible but unmentionable that Daley had done and set herself up for the sympathy vote. Bad strategy. Bad taste in men.
I really hope Dexter's girfriend doesn't take him back, but I fear she will. This horrible man won't learn his lesson. Hazel will be slut-shamed forever. And someone like the twins or Sophie will win the show.
I wonder what the twist was going to be tonight? I still think it was Daley's girlfriend going in. I wonder what will happen with nominations. I wish they'd give them a week off, to be honest. I feel like I need a week off for good behaviour!
Bye Daley. Sorry we didn't get to boo the fuck out of you, you massive misogynistic prick. 

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