Monday, 8 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: I think she might need a hand with her nominations

Ooh, noms tonight. Looks like Callum could be in some bother. As long as they vote Wolfy, I don't care.
Dexter and Gina - aka the high five crew - are having fun in the safe house.
Wolfy's banging on about 'energy.' Let's hope her bulb goes out tonight.
Noms time already! Twins nomming Charlie. Ooh, also Wolfy. Good. Why are the twins talking in unison, they don't normally.
Callum has nommed Wolfy, too. Her game is up, Everyone's pissed off with her saying she was going to win. Ooh, Callum nominated Hazel, not Dan. Good. Keep Dan in!
Dan is right about Wolfy - she is disingenuous. Ooh, Dan nominated Callum for his awkward niceness. Ha, Gina is not impressed. 'Callum is not hard to live with.' Unless you're anti 90s beach wear.
Sam nommed Wolfy! Ha, he called her 'rude, ignorant and arrogant.' Wicked. He also nominated Sophiezzzzzz. His reason seemed quite valid.
Dexter's 'I think she might need a hand with her nominations' about the injured Jackie was inspired. I love that boy. Jackie's after Wolfy blood, for spitting on this occasion. Wolfy's got a whole range of reasons from each and every housemate to be up. Could we even see her walk? Ah! Jackie's nominating Callum! Why am I not surprised? Old witch. Callum is one of her daughters best allies. Bad strategy. Gina: 'whatever. Just go home.' That's how I feel about Jackie, but she'll still be sitting there in the final with the Weeble twins and Sophie. YAWN!
I have the same toaster as the BB housemates, but in blue. Wolfy is hugging one of the twins who just stabbed her in the back. No one has nominated Dan yet! Yesssss! I'm back on Dan's side (for now).
Wolfy knows she's gonna be up. Did a moth tell her? It probably flew out of her fanny.
What is Charley on about? A singing career? I don't think youth (or lack of) is the problem. It's more the eye bags, two tone hair and lack of a decent singing voice.
Hazel doesn't like Wolfy's sexual innuendo! Gina summed it up nicely: 'you can talk.' I think Hazel must be one of the biggest hypocrites ever to walk in the Big Brother house.
Ooh, Daley nominated Callum now! I thought Daley was his BFF. Gina doesn't get the noms for Callum. Dexter does. I agree with Gina, I don't get it. I think Hazel might have had a word in Daley's ear.
I think everyone has nominated Wolfy so far. They smell blood; they're attacking. Wolfy's got to be a goner this week. I can't see how she can survive this. Dexter agrees: 'Wolfy's finished now.'
Gina on Charlie: 'What is she wearing? It doesn't suit her.' This is exactly the sort of shit people say watching Big Brother on TV, so if you're whining and calling her a bitch, just know yourself, little girl, etc. Gina is just saying what any viewer would say. I think she's just pipping Dexter for me at the moment with her unbridled honesty. I don't even consider it bitchy because of the way she's been dismissed and treated. Ooh, Charlie nommed Callum! Aw. Gina feels sorry for Callum. So do I, actually. Gina is right; everyone is just stabbing everyone in the back. At least Gina and Dexter stab in the front. I'd rather be in that house with Callum and Dan than Jackie, Charlie, Hazel, Daley, Sophie, Sam or the twins.
Wolfy nominated Charley and Dan. That was Dan's only nomination! Boo woo, Wolfy, you're gahn dahn!
Sophie nominated Sam again - another pointless vote. Who else is going to vote for Sam, really!? Ooh, Sophie nommed Hazel. That means Wolfy, Charley, Callum and Hazel are up. Bye, Wolfy.
Gina is eating in the bath! Groo! That's one of my top no nos. I do not eat in the bath and I do not eat while driving. Bathing and driving and eating are individual pleasures to be enjoyed seperately. Never the twain shall meet.
Has Hazel been greasing herself up? 'What are you thinking about?' to Daley. Daley covers his willy with a cushion. Absolute pig. Dexter is right: 'grim.'
Ha, Dexter 'homewreckers do well, they sell papers. She's just thinking of the pound notes.' Pound note is the sort of expression my boyfriend uses.
How come Dexter and Gina are in the garden eating ice creams? Those ice creams look good. 
Dexter on Hazel straddling Daley: 'Fuck my life.' Gina is right; it IS wrong. There is a girl code. There's also a boyfriend code. Daley is worse, but Hazel is vile.
These idiot twins are getting on my nerves. Get off my screen. Dexter is right, Callum won't go this week.
LOL, Gina trying not to look at Dexter's skinny butt in the shower.
Callum, you don't need to justify yourself to that old bitch Jackie. He's done nothing that would exempt him from being a teacher, Rachel Rice is a teacher, Glyn is a teacher. I wish everyone would get off his case.
Dexter and Gina dancing in the garden: ace! They are too cute. Get lucky!
UGH: Hazel and Daley grinding on each other. Careful he doesn't get a stiffy. Dexter: 'I think I was actually sick in my mouth. If I was Daley's girlfriend I'd jump over the wall with a hacksaw.'
Callum WAS being kind of creepy when he told Daley to 'share the love' but I think he meant well. He just doesn't express himself quite right. Daley's already so far over the line he's been sent off. Callum was trying to HELP YOU, Daley, you thick pig. You HAVE crossed the line. If my boyfriend danced with someone like that I'd break his kneecaps. It's not ONLY dancing. Pull the other one. Do you really think your girlfriend is even still watching?
Oh, Daley's dumped his girlfriend now! I thought he was saying he loved her for the first two weeks in the house. This man is unreal.
How DARE Hazel have a go at Callum?! She's a scumbag. Why is JACKIE defending HAZEL, when she can see what Hazel is doing WITH HER OWN EYES? Jackie: 'The calibre of someone like that' about CALLUM?! What has Callum actually done?! He's a single guy, he either lied and said he slept with 200 women, or he's slept with 200 women, either way it's got FUCK ALL to do with you, you MISERABLE hatchet-faced old crone. Just fuck off! The hypocrisy is UNBEARABLE!
Hazel, why are you having a go at Charley now? Hazel, you ARE evil, just deal with it.
Gina and Dexter have got the measure of the situation. It stinks! Hazel is looking uglier by the minute. She's poison. If she carries on, she could go instead of Wolfy. And I wouldn't be sorry to see the back of her.
The way Dexter answered that phone was super suave. OMG! Gina and Dexter can save one nominated housemate and replace them with someone else! Ooh, I wonder who they'll put up? Hopefully Daley.
Dexter just gets better and better; gotta love a man who tells you you've got lipstick on your teeth! I've had lipstick on my teeth for house before my boyfriend's even noticed. Even girls won't tell you sometimes. And that IS part of the girl code.
They didn't tell them how many votes they were up by this week. I don't think it matters who Dexter and Gina put up; no one will go over Wolfy. Look at her, she can't even be bothered to get her fat arse off the couch and cuddle people. She knows she's a done deal.
I'm glad Hazel's going to be under a bit of pressure now. And Charlie, too, because I think she's treated Callum like dirt. And Dan is safe! And I don't think D&G will put Dan up as they both don't mind him.
Aw, Dexter wiping lippy of Gina's teeth! So intimate! Will Gina's boyfriend be needing that hacksaw instead of Daley's girlfriend?
Luke S on BOTS! One Mississippi, two Mississippi... you lose, dickwad. I really enjoyed tonight's BB! It makes you feel like you're not insane when you see two people agreeing with your assessment of the situation, and they've been in there. We are right. D&G are right. The rest are fucked up. Let's start taking some names. 

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