Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: He's gonna kill us all

Last night on live feed Callum went from cringebag to loony tunes. He browbeat Charlie into the ground. Even so, all Charlie has to do is scream 'fuck off!' at him and it would be 'case closed.' I think she likes the psychological abuse in a way; let's face it, she must have grown up with enough from mad Jackie.
Callum and Sam are pervs; not exactly a newsflash.
Frog-gate! What a croak. Where's Wolfy when you need her? 'What do you have to teach me, Freddo?' The twins: 'he's going to kill us all!' That was actually quite funny. Frogs are cool. My cats used to bring in frogs and they used to jump under the oven and get fried. Ah... memories.
Dexter to Gina: 'you wearing contacts is like putting furry dice in a Ferarri.' Does she wear coloured contacts? Ha, Dexter's style is like a Ford Fiesta. It would have been better if you'd said that to his face.
Gina sighing about Charlie's fashion sense. Hilarious! I think Gina is angling for a fashion show here. She could be the new face of eek or chic.
This is like BBUS when they do a shopping task, except they get to keep the clothes in the US and they get to put on as many as they can in a minute. Are they getting to keep these? I don't think Very is that generous. This is convenient as Gina was just talking about clothes! I like Callum's sunglasses top. That's officially his best piece of clothing.
What is Hazel wearing?! I bet Gina and Dexter are like 'ugh, catalogue clothes' about the clothes from Very.
Oh God, the twins are trying to do a Jade Goody. No, not that.
I like Sam's flowery shirt. I noticed him wearing it on LF last night and thought I'd never seen it before. It's weird when housemates bust out new clothes halfway through a series, unnerving, even.
Twins: 'shut up. No, you shut up, etc.' Is it just me or are they giving them a bad edit? If so, yay. Now they're showing them slagging off Dexter, too, right before nominations.
If the housemates are happy to go to 'jail' for a slice of pizza, they should make the punishment putting them up for nomination instead. I actually like it when the housemates rebel; what are they going to do, send security in like they didn't do for the Pratts? That's quite funny that they sent the others to jail instead. Is going to jail really that bad? It doesn't look that bad.
Twin would have 'tooken' the punishment. Is he five? That's got to be the evil twin goading them in prison!
Callum did not look happy when they showed Dexter's noms!
Charlie kind of looked like she was laughing when they showed Callum's. He looked sad. Charlie said later they forced her to say nasty things, lol.
Dexter looked happy when they showed the twins nominations! Gina's not up, yay! Ha, Dexter immediately turned on Sam for nominating him. Sam's hair looks good tonight. At least Sam stood his ground against him.
Dexter: 'from having ten people put me up to only having four is a big improvement.' There's not ten people in the house anymore, Dexter!
Callum: 'I should have nominated Charlie.' One, you're not allowed to say that, and two, bullshit! That's hurt feelings talking.
Callum vs Dexter in the kitchen. Dexter's disappointed that they didn't show him saying 'Callum has got eyes like a serial killer.' Ha. Callum's face DOES look scary sometimes!
They better show Callum falling backwards through a door on this last bit of show.
Callum: 'Five words. I'm there, I know now.' Hands up if you think he's 'there'. Sam: 'she backstabbed you.' Why is Sam so red in the face?
Callum has got soooooo little awareness of how he actually is, it's unreal, and in more ways than one. He's talking to Sam in the most patronising tone I've ever heard. He's deaf, not a fucking child.
Did Dexter REALLY just say the word 'journey' again TWICE? Every time Dexter says journey I'm going to vote for Gina in the final.
Dexter 'lost his girlfriend because of Charlie.' No. You lost your girlfriend because you're a cock.
I didn't realise Sophie and Sam were sitting so close when Charlie and Callum had this highly disturbing half hour conversation.
Charlie is such a shady cow. Seriously, this bitch got no nominations after the way she behaves. She's abusive, just like he is. She's a wrong 'un because she pretends to be 'a nice person.'
Charlie: 'You've lost your biggest fan.' Callum is Charlie's biggest fan like Stan is Eminem's biggest fan. Callum is being creepy and psychotic here and what they showed there was a mere sliver of how that conversation was actually run; like a hostage situation. If Callum doesn't leave her alone after this, he's really a lost cause.
Good news for Hazel; they decided to barely show her at all on the highlights tonight. Keep your head down and your mouth shut and let Callum and the twins keep digging...

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