Friday, 19 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: Hit the road, Jackie

OK, I just wrote that title in hope. Jackie's gots to go, right? I wish it was a double and we could lose the misery twins, too.
Just watched a bit of live feed from the other night and saw a really long, lovely conversation with Sam and Gina. Why do we never see this side of Sam on the show?!
Oh, not more safe house stuff. Tired of it. Not sure I can take any more twists. It has been great that the most decent housemates haven't all been evicted first, granted. But can't we just have one or two normal weeks?
Jackie is upset about her arm and 'certain things'. Being evicted is hopefully one of them.
Dexter, stop brown-nosing Jackie, it's so bugging. Also, he's trying to put Callum in the position he used to be in; the house kicking post! I think I actually want Gina to win over Dexter now, she has a good soul, you know. I never thought I'd be saying that about her after the first night!
Why has Jackie 'warmed to Dexter'? Is it because he's got money? Did Charlie just say she wouldn't go out for dinner with Callum, even as a friend? What a bitch!
This 'apology' between Jackie and Callum is waaaaay frosty. No grudge at all!
Oh god, not the pleas to stay. NO ONE LIKES THEM. Ah, Callum's got his best outfit on tonight. He's probably splashed out and gone to River Island.
Dexter looks like he's out on the campaign trail - where's his rosette?
Jack and Joe look smart. Never mind, get rid. They're playing the 'it's our birthday tomorrow' card. Boo. Have they got tans?!
They did a similar task to this on BBUS where the task wasn't really the task, it was quite good.
Did Gina get off on sitting in a bath of beans?! Spare us Jackie's jokes, PLEASE!
Why is Sophie always moaning about people telling her what to do? Let's hope she never has to get a job.
Why is Emma engaging with the crowd? Do not feed the trolls!
Ha, Gina is asking for Ferrero Rocher! That's like when people think Vienetta is posh. I don't believe posh people really eat Ferrero Rocher?
I like the fact Sam doesn't like Sophie; I think he's pretty astute, actually. He watches and gets people's number.
Get Jackie out! Haha, she got booed bad. Callum must be jumping for joy inside. Save Callum!
Ooh they crowd are chanting Gina's name! Cool! Don't get Wolfy syndrome, Gina!
No way did Jack and Joe get less votes to evict than Callum, I know nuff people who've been voting to evict them. I don't like the fact they did that. Callum needed to be thrown a bone and it wouldn't have hurt them. Callum needed the affirmation, not the imaginary drama of a head to head with Jackie. Grr!
Dexter's cartwheel - what a legend. Even though he's having a bad week.
'If Charlie's mum wasn't here...' as the voting lines are open, ha. Subtle!
I'm not even going to comment on the blatant Hazel bad editing. I like Gina 'going Essex'.
Hope they don't mess the eviction up by cutting to some stupid ads this week. So it's not exactly tense now as it's pretty obvious Jackie's going to go. Pretty big gap on that sofa between Dexter and Callum, ha.
Why did Emma sound so sad when she said Jackie? Fucking pathetic bias. So sick of it.
Piss off, Jackie, you controlling cow. And take your fake smile with you. Emma: 'Jackie, we love you.' Speak for yourself, we just evicted her!
Jackie really thinks Charlie is going to wither and die without her. Guess what, she won't.
I'm surprised Jackie is being nice about Gina, especially after seeing the nomination. I'm glad they showed those clips of her being an overbearing old hag.
Shouting 'off, off, off' at Jackie is a bit silly, though. I mean, does anyone care that much either way?
I'm glad Emma said 'everyone lies in their videos'.
Jackie: 'it's up to Charlie if she wants to go out with Dexter.' Bet you Charlie sleeps in bed with Dexter tonight.
Oh God, what twist are they going to do now? The rape suite - sorry, safe house - is open for business. The housemates get to decide! Fight, fight, fight.
Why are they sending Sophie and Sam in there when they don't even like each other just because Charlie said? It's dumb. They both look miserable.
Ooh, what's going on? HAHAHA Sophie and Sam have put themselves up for eviction! Brilliant. It would be great to get rid of one of them. Hmm, who will they chose to move in with them? Bet it's Callum! Sophie hates Dexter and Sam loves Callum. Ooh, or the twins! That would be good.
This is a good twist, actually, let's ship out the deadwood. I'm glad Dan didn't go in.
Btw, no podcast tonight, I'm afraid as my boyfriend is working but we'll do a catch up one, plus our overdue BBUS one at the weekend, so lots of rubbish for your ears... goodnight!

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