Thursday, 11 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: I feel like it's unhygenic to pour it back

I've just been rocking out to the youtube of Smashing Pumpkins at Glastonbury, so I'm in a good mood, sure to be ruined by tonight's shenanigans. I think I might be having a Smashing Pumpkins revival like my Placebo revival. Maybe one day I'll like a new band? Probably not.
Anyway, onto another thing I never got over: Big Brother. Ooh, tonight's show looks quite promising.
Dan: 'what's a treasury chambers?' This guy was a policeman.
I like the idea of Dexter as a politician. That gold framed picture of him is AMAZING.
Charlie has got Tina from Corrie's earrings on tonight. Not sure if that's part of the task or not.
I WISH Jackie was going tomorrow, and she would if it was a vote to save. Funny how Jackie thinks Hazel and Daley are so NICE but she hates Callum so much. What's the deal?
I must admit, I am tired of this Hazel and Daley storyline, but I'm also sick of Wolfy spitting and sulking. Which is better, etc?
Dexter seems quite pleased that he's annoyed Hazel. What game is he playing? Yeah, Hazel, it's all DEXTER'S fault. Everything's someone else's fault and not yours.
Charlie looks like the politician outfit could be her own clothes.
I do fancy Dexter a bit in those glasses, it had to be said. Now, let's never speak of it again. Dexter is enjoying this task WAY too much! He needs to chill out. We've seen many a housemate get dethroned after going mad with power.
Twin cracked a funny! First time for everything.
Hazel not having to wear make-up isn't much of a punishment when you look like that. I'd rather die than pick through that alphabet soup.
Ha, they're tempting Gina in the DR with a manicure at the expense of the task. I knew Gina would go for it, because she's smart! Put Callum in there and he'd be umming and ahhing like a good 'un. I hate it when they're martyrs for the group. Fuck the group. The group cares for no one.
Hazel is over G&D coming back in when they'd voted them out. Well WE didn't vote them out, and WE spend our money to vote, so why don't you shut the fuck up? OK, ta.
Hazel doesn't like being called evil and a snake. She doesn't mind calling Dexter it, though.
Jack, Joe? I can't tell them apart. They're both cunts as far as I'm concerned.
Dexter, black people don't have spray tans. Do they? The make up artist actually did Gina's face the colour it is and she looks much prettier for it than her usual ghostly look. I love Gina, though, she can do what the hell she wants, who am I to argue?
Jackie hasn't got a CLUE about her housemates. She makes up her mind about people without taking the facts into account.
Is Jackie REALLY giving Dexter the 'she's the cat's mother' speech? Dear Lord! Oh Jackie, why don't you SHUT UP. I can't STAND THIS WOMAN. Dexter is so gracious when people are picking him apart! Imagine if he stood there doing that to them? There'd be hell to pay! Dexter aint opening the door for that bitch. And who can blame him?
Jackie's getting a bad edit tonight. Are they trying to get rid? I would happily see the back of her OR Wolfy.
Oh dear, they are going to take the fags off the housemates! This sounds like a perfect way to get rid of Wolfy! I sense a Nadia coming on. They are right to put the needs of 70% of housemates over the 30% who are smoking. But I'm sure more than 30% of these smoke. Either way, they're right.
Wolfy's FACE! Wow. Slapped arse doesn't cover it. Has Wolfy had an undercut? She looks like crap. Any goth in Northampton looks better than this bag of slop. Wolfy rules by intimidation!
Don't 'piggyfoot' round Wolfy! God, you'd think she was 14 years old! Grow up, woman! Keep digging, Wolfy, keep digging your grave, and make it a big one. I don't know why Dan is pandering to her, he hates her guts. He's probably just trying to wind her up.
Sam is confusing a bedsit and a bedside table. Even Callum doesn't seem to know what a bedsit is. Quick, rent these dickheads a flat, it will be a steal.
Wolfy is angrily wielding a knife. Hope she doesn't cut her fingers off (much).
Dexter likes fine wines, ha. LOL, he's taking his treat as well. Gotta love him and Gina. I don't get wine tasting. Why not just drink it? Chin chin!Ha to them taking the champagne, too!
The misery house taking some of the shopping budget for a party, too. No one understands Wolfy as usual! Boo woo.
OMG listen to the way Jackie speaks to Dexter, and the pointing! Revolting old crone. I love the fact Gina is just ignoring her.
Pipe down, Jackie. Gina's 'I think it's unhygienic to pour it back' could rank up there with top best excuses for nicking wine ever. Gina feels bad. Gina don't feel that bad.
Put it down the sink?!!! Are you mad, Hazel? What sort of dictatorship is this? Go on, Gina, stick it to her. 'Little bitch.' Ha!
Oh dear, why is Dexter having this conflab with Hazel? This is ill-advised! Oh, cringe, Dexter, stop talking! 'You look like a cold, heartless bitch.' Don't sit on the fence, Dexter. What about your hall pass?
I think Hazel looks better without her full war paint. She's still got quite a bit of make up on, though, to be honest. Dexter: 'you look loose'!!!!! OMG.
Callum's got his nipple pierced, groo.
Why is Daley calling Dexter sly? Dexter was looking out for him! Daley is making himself look a prat, all puffed up.
Dexter: 'some of the most disgustingly awkward moments I've ever watched on national television in my life.' When it's Dexter saying THIS to you, you're FUCKED. The game is up.
WOW, Dexter is really sticking it to her hard, Daley's girlfriend must be watching it cheering. I do agree with most of what he's saying, but really, is it his place to say it?
Why is Charlie encouraging Daley to go have a ruck with Dexter? Dexter's a maggot? What are you, then?! You're fucking pond life, Daley. Scum off the bottom of Dexter's Tuco shoes.
Daley you're on Big Brother, of course people are going to talk about 'you and her' (ie. the cat's mother). Daley, you're being a complete dick. I really hope you're up next week. 'You're my boy'. I don't think so. If I was Hazel I wouldn't hug Dexter after he called me disgusting, I'd fucking nut him.
Uh oh, mount Wolfy is about to blow. Is she going to ask to leave? Go on! Open the door for her. Kick her up the arse.
Why is Charlie trying to get info out of Dexter now, when she just shit-stirred that Daley/Hazel situation? I don't trust Charlie, you know. She does cause trouble. You don't get bags like that and that hangdog expression by being sweet and innocent. That's worry!
Haha, Charlie: 'I don't want to know now.' Yeah, right. Dexter is going to get nommed by EVERYONE next week.
Twin: 'the wrong people have been given too much power.' No, the wrong twins have been put in this show. Come back Samanda, Playboy twins and Jedward. We didn't know how good we had it.
Most people have slept in a train station at some point. Charlie is using Dexter as a whipping boy after Jackie's earlier beating.
Charlie, what loyalty do you have to Dexter, you put him up every week. Ha, Dexter telling Charlie he's got feelings for her! What planet is he on?! She didn't even blink! What does he see in her? I don't believe it either. Oh my God, Daley's sitting there, too. Poor Dexter.
Get off his BACK! No one else has to justify their existence like he does. It makes me sick! Charlie: 'Dexter, no offence, you look like the arsehole anyway.' NONE TAKEN! 

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