Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: Save our bacon!

I'm still upset about Dan's impending eviction, and I never thought you'd hear me say that. Sophie and Sam do not deserve to be in the final over him. Please vote Sophie out, it's the only slim chance Dan can survive.
Callum, put the piece of scrap metal down and stop talking bollocks.
Sophie's got 'interupt-itis.'
This argument about Gina being 'ugly' is more tedious than the love triangle. Hazel's got her wooden spoon out.
Ha, Gina to Dexter: 'Charlie's given you false hope.' Stick the knife in! Dexter: 'I'm the only loser.' That's your fault, Dexter, no one else's! Gina doesn't get why Dexter fancies Charlie. Me neither. 'There's nothing there.' Indeed.
Making Callum a shrink is genius. He's perfect for it! Mind you, he'd be a perfect nodding dog, too. 'I've heard you have a problem - I'm all ears.'
I'm actually on the twins side about the love triangle. Callum's notes! He's getting DEEP. Aw, Callum is so cheesy but there's something endearing about him, still.
Callum and Dexter's therapy session was FUNNY. Callum should have written 'twat' on his piece of paper.
Dexter: 'we both want to carve each other's faces off.' Callum (deadpan): 'Extreme feelings.'
Ha, Dexter mentioned his JOURNEY again, check! He's worse than Dermot O' Leary. Even Charlie was doing it yesterday. I'll be voting Gina to win just because Dexter is storylining too hard.
Callum, you shouldn't tell your patients how to sit on the couch, how they sit on it tells you things about them. Aw, Sam can't always hear what's going on. Believe me, sometimes it's a blessing. Callum having a cry about Sam. Hilare.
LOL Callum thinks he's REALLY a therapist now. Nothing that comes out of his mouth makes sense. It must be like being stuck in the house with two giant fortune cookies.
I think Dexter is 'negging' Charlie! And it's working.
I hate Sam and Sophie for choosing Dan! Sophie was moaning about him being bossy the other day! Why couldn't she have stayed mad? The Dan compromise will see the end of his game.
NO ONE likes each other in the safe house! It's awkward.
It hurts my heart to hear them say 'Dan's in the semi-final' when he isn't.
Dan: 'What would you do if the electricity went?' Sam: 'have a wank'. Ha! Great comedy timing.
I thought the twins were happy for Dan to go in. They wouldn't have compromised?! Well, Sam has a say, too! Entitled little gimps. I'm so upset they're not leaving this week.
Oh God, Dan don't say you'd like to know what the public think! You might know only too soon.
Bad feelings about that episode. Bad storylines, and bad what they're doing to Dan. This series is hitting the skids. Sad face.

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