Monday, 1 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: Face to face nominations

Hiya, sorry for a blog blackout for two days, I've been feeling a bit under the weather.
I'm annoyed Dexter had to find this stupid tennis ball of all people; I mean, obviously it's a bag of bullshit, but why does Dexter need more ammo against him!? Dexter didn't read it?! Pull the other one.
Hmm, Dan and Hazel plotting against Wolfy; good. I really hope they have the balls to put her up.
Aw, twins and Wolfy got bullied at school! Is it because they're odious? No doubt it's because they're FAT! There, I said it. Fat fat fat fat fat. Shut up.
This audition tape thing is RIDICULOUS. Everyone exaggerates to get in the house! Get over it. Jackie has been particularly pathetic about it. Callum is being weird to the point of creepy. No one has come out of it looking well.
The only good thing about F2F noms is that there's a lot of hate flying round that house at the moment so maybe it won't be JUST Dexter and Gina up. I'm pretty sure Dan and Wolfy are going to get it as well, and maybe the twins?
Oh Callum, shut up about being respectful, it's really unattractive. Yeah, you do sound corny, Callum.
LOL to Gina's reaction to overhearing Hazel and Wolfy talking about her. She just lets everything roll over her, I like it.
Wolfy's dropping the 'I'm not being funny' BOMB. She is is such an odious prick. I'm not at all surprised that she's hogging her fags. She's a selfish, self-obsessed crazed martyr. I can't WAIT to see her face when she's evicted. I've not hated a housemate this much since Conor.
Ha, Dan accusing Joe of 'poking his nose in'! Yeah, that's Dan's forte, not yours! Joe is being a complete dick. I'm team Dan on this one. I honestly hope all the smokers in the house die of lung cancer, quickly.
Why are they telling people who they nominated?! Dur.
Wolfy has REALLY got a chip on her shoulder today. What a miserable cow. I hope she walks if she doesn't get evicted because she's obviously not enjoying it, and we're not enjoying watching her. I'm sick of the focus on her. I'm sick of looking at her. Her going 'people in this house have changed me' is a joke. She is who she is; an arsehole. MIND GAMES! Ha.
Dexter: 'Pretty girls are normally crap in bed.' Oh, dear. What is wrong with Dexter?! How to make friends and influence people. Hazel seemed VERY upset about being called vanilla. She must be filthy.
That twin saying they want Dexter out is a joke. Blatant noms talk!
What the fuck is Sophie shouting about?! She's not said a word and now she's mouthing off at Dexter because he's an easy target! How pathetic. I hate every inch of HER.  Doesn't say a fucking word for three weeks then starts kicking off. Idiot.
If you're that worried about nominations, give someone a fag, Wolfy! That's top currency in prison, don't you know? Wolfy is just one big pity party. And I'm scared people won't nominate her because of it.
Yeah Wolfy, it's everyone else's fault you're an unpleasant cow. Keep telling yourself that. Tell it to the moth. Tell it to the bee.
'I'm physically possessed by this demon of anger and rage.' Pft! Grow up, idiot. It's not cos you're different. It's cos you're TIGHT. Oh, god, SHUT UP!
OK, here we go, face to face nominations. Let's see if people will put their money where their mouth is. And I hope they do it without fixing it or being influenced.
Oh, it's blackboards. They could copy each other, right? Dan, nominate Wolfy, please! I don't know if anyone else has got the guts. See the evil twins are smirking. They probably get off on hurting people's feelings.
Wolfy: nommed Dexter and Dan. No surprises there.
Yes, Dan did Wolfy! And Dexter. Yawn. I like Dan's jumper, it's cute. Tobacco wars! At least they're getting on with the noms and not dilly-dallying. Dan, you should have nominated the idiot twins. They may nominate you!
Hazel boringly nominated Hazel and Dexter. Gina, for whinging and moaning. Gina, 'I don't whinge.' Ha!
Jackie has done a cop out vote of Dexter and Gina. Zzzz. I thought she might do Callum! Cos Dexter drank her wine?! Alkie. LOL to Charlie telling her to wind her neck in. OK, Jackie, stop talking now.
Daley, don't do Dexter. Oh no, he did! Boo, you're off my friends list, Daley. I thought you were one of the only ones who wasn't a sheep, but baa. Go away. Daley wants to evict Dexter to hang out with him outside! That's the stupidest logic ever. Completely nuts.
Ha, Gina has nominated Hazel and Jackie! No Dexter! Yes! Go, Gina. That's the first time she's not nominated Dexter, and he would have been easy to do.
Ooh, who tried to change their nomination?
Sam did Dexter as well. I like Sam's shorts. Ha, Sam nominated Sophie! Wasted vote or what?
Ooh, Sophie nominated Dexter and Sam! We obviously missed something there between Sophie and Sam. Dexter 'aggs the life out of her'. 
Callum nommed Dexter and Dan! Boo! I don't want Dexter, Dan and Gina up, that would be a nightmare! Oh shit! Dan is pulling a face like he's sucking a lemon.
Oh God, Charley! Yes, she nominated WOLFY! Go, Charlie!!!! (And Dexter, but what's new?) Wolfy is giving her some mega stink eye. She's blinking her head off. Good on you, Charlie. You're my 3rd best housemate right now.
The twins nominated Dexter and Gina. Thank GOD they didn't do Dan! Don;t have the balls between them. Doesn't this mean Dexter, Gina, Wolfy and Dan are up? YES! GOODBYE WOLFY!
What! We never saw Dexter's nom?! WTF!? Booo! OMG, Dexter wasn't allowed to vote!!! I don't think it would have mattered anyway. Awful editing, Big Brother. You're doing yourself proud as usual.
Wolfy is up, that's all that matters. Get her out! Let her smoke her stupid fucking gross roll ups back on the farm or the boat, or in a cloud of cannabis or on top of a mountain, or in a wigwam. Anywhere but in my eyeline. This is our opportunity, Britain. Don't let me down!

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