Sunday, 7 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: Everything's so quiet and boring without us

Daley is such a fucking creep; he makes me sick to my stomach. 'There's no point sleeping in a double without someone there' - the thing is, with him, it doesn't matter who.
Jackie's 'broke her wrist' - I hope they kick her out. Contact with the outside world! Get her out. If she sees a Daily Star, God knows what she'll think. Did Dexter and Gina engineer engineer Jackie's fall?
Even though this task is designed to make Dexter and Gina look like bastards, they're still exactly right; the house is boring as fuck without them.
That comment about Hazel making Daley hard was so crass and vile it was unbelievable. Do they have NO consideration for his girlfriend's feelings? Disgusting pair. They make me feel physically sick. What reception do they think they're going to get when they come out of the house? Do they really think calling each other 'buddy' is fooling anyone? They're either thick as fuck or both rotten inside; I think it could be both.
So Dexter and Gina get to play pranks on the other housemates, but Gina's right, she's slack.
I think Gina misinterpreted what Daley said, I think he meant he would hang out with Dexter.
Ready Brek, anyone?
I love Gina and Dexter as the evil overlords! They don't even need to consult they think so alike. Dan's loving giving out the prison rations.
Wolfy is so greedy she will literally eat ANYTHING. Dexter: 'She's throwing up!' Mega glee. Does she HAVE to eat it?! Bleurgh. Watching her spit into a bucket is disgusting.
Jackie's back, boo! Gina: 'there's no point her even being here.' Ha! So true. Everything Gina says is basically what I think.
I can't even look at Wolfy tonight, she's making me feel physically sick.
Gina has got everyone spot on tonight, including the twins. Sophie giving cop out answers in the treehouse. LOL they're all turning against Wolfy! I ALMOST feel sorry for Wolfy. Sophie: 'I'm not being funny or anything but you need to wash your crotch.' Now we see Sophie's real opinions! Dexter and Gina should go back in the house and go 'Wolfy, Sophie says your crotch smells.'
It's not so much Dan guessed the twist, that he just guesses at anything, and if you throw enough against the wall, something's got to stick. It's no way to run Yewtree.
Wolfy is public enemy number one at the moment! Everyone hates her for different reasons.
The twins and Callum are getting NOTHING! Do Dan and Sam have to eat a whole cake each. 
Gina is LOVING the power! She was born for this.They picked the right housemates for the job. Why should we 'piggyfoot' around Hazel? 'Yes boss.' UGH!
Is Daley that desperate to snog Hazel, he'll have a three-way with Dan?
I don't know what was funnier, Sam, Daley and Callum's rap, or Gina's reaction.
Gina and Dexter's lack of sympathy for Jackie was hilarious. 'Because she's a bitch!' LOL.
Callum is wearing more clothes from the 90s. Gina: 'they're dead. They're no fun at all.'
Gina laughing at Callum being rebuffed whilst opening another bottle of champagne! Hilarious.
Hazel is just gross saying she's sexually frustrated. Daley is just gross. I'm glad Gina and Dexter can see them for what they are.
All hail King Dexter and Queen Gina! I'm sure there'll be plenty of people saying Gina and Dexter are taking to to far and being too bitchy, but I say, the more the merrier. The tables have turned. Eat your Bishops finger sandwich, and stick it up Hazel's fanny if she's that desperate.

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