Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (Mamma's Watching!)

What a weird BB tonight. Joan Rivers was funny but didn't make enough of an impact for me. I was not impressed with her nominations either. I'd gladly see the back of Jay, Calista, Latoya or Nathan. Out of the four who are up, I'd like to see Jeremy('s spoken!) and Victor go. Jeremy gives me the creeps and Victor, well...
The whole fake fight thing was bizarre. Latoya doesn't speak for a week and a half and then does an award-winning eppy. It was far too realistic! Even so, I have no clue what Victor got so upset about. So what they were mucking about. I can't STAND guys who start punching the walls. I think he should be thrown out for it, as it's very intimidating. I was glad to see him cry. It annoyed me when they kicked Latoya out of the bathroom because precious Victor was getting his knickers in a twist. Get over it, you big baby.
It was weird how the whole group dynamics disintegrated after that. I was unimpressed with Nathan hiding in the hot tub offering his usual platitudes. I've not seen so much fence-sitting since H from Steps was in the house. Trying to please the public so much just makes them want to punch you. Even Anthony wanted to put him up for nomination, so something must be slightly amiss. It's too much about public image. Anthony seems a lot more willing to show his emotions. Calista is just annoying me now, I had high hopes for her at first too.
And then we had John going into politician mode so blatantly it made me despise him. He was like a creepy cult leader on a recruiting drive. Just be normal, John! It's all rhetoric. My opinions about them are really changing on a daily basis now. I still like Liam though. He's creepy as well, but interesting.
PS. Can Amy ever be spotted not munching on a bit of food? Fair enough it's normally healthy but christ! There can't be anything left for the others.

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