Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (Art Attack)

I couldn't even comment on Chris Moyles yesterday, he's too disgusting.
I was interested by Brian Sewell's attack on Amy as an artist, and her seemingly not being able to defend herself. I wonder how heavily edited that was, because if someone attacked my heart's desire in such a fashion, I would have metaphorically torn their arm off. However, writing novels does require some dedication. I am suspicious of most modern art. I don't like having to read the plaque. I like a good painting as well. Brian Sewell is still a dick though. He rips Amy's life's work, then congratulates Liam for having a wank on TV! It's a funny old world.
John, Anthony and Nathan all seemed quite miffed with the hijack, and I appreciated Anthony and Nathan trying to plead that they were 'intellectual'. I don't think you were put in there for that, Anthony. Nathan, manners are good, perhaps you should have thought of that before telling Amy you fancied her in front of Latoya (the worlds dullest mute)?
Er... why did Anthony shave a ridiculous cross into his hair? Hasn't Calista got a boyfriend? And how cute was Jeremy stroking Emilia's hair?! It properly melted my heart!


coxon le woof said...

Kinda wish I'd see Brian Sewell talking to the 'artist'. Strange that she couldn't stand up for herself as most 'modern artists' that I've met seem to put more work into explaining the meaning behind their work than the actual work itself. Sadly I haven't found myself unlucky enough to be watching Celeb Hijack. Glad they've hidden it away on E4. Any idea how it's doing in the ratings?

lightupvirginmary said...

awful I think, I feel like i'm shouting at an empty room here! I'm really enjoying it though.