Friday, 11 January 2008

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (Janet Street Preacher)

'I have spent my whole life in ruins because of people who are nice,' said Morrissey, and thus Jade was expelled from the house. Mind you 'nice' was pushed to the boundaries of 'manic' with her. She looked like she was sizing everyone up to join a cult.
I would have preferred pasty Jeremy to go. I don't see much of his 'dry sense of humour': he just looks like an emaciated puppet in shorts to me. And Victors masochism is too cartoonish to be riled by.
I enjoyed Janet Street Porter's belligerence and abuse. I was surprised John Mcruick wasn't more evil yesterday, he actually was quite nice. I liked him telling everyone they were favourite to win.
It is totally weird to like EVERYONE in Big Brother. I really want one person at least to hate. But I don't! Normally I can't find one person to like. I feel Anthony and Nathan might be 'playing the game' just because they seem too good to be true. Good looking and genuinely nice- how can it be?! I was a bit disappointed with Latoya when she was finally given a chance to speak during the word association game and then was just vague/ or rambling. Someone really needs to prise her out of her shell. I think she hates Amy too. the only other person I'm not sure about is Calista- I don't think we've seen enough of her.
Was Liam wanking under the covers just before they went to be washed? Blergh. I still like him though! I like the underdog. He's a bit creepy but I like that too.
I felt sorry for Dermot a bit, out in the rain with no crowd. Bless him. What was that red cardigan about? He looked like the world's oldest school boy.

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