Thursday, 31 January 2008

Recording of Morrissey on Jonathan Ross

The Morrissey luck fairy visited me today (about time, where were you last Saturday, you bitch?) In a rather unexpected turn of events someone posted on my work messageboard that they had 4 spare tickets for Jonathan Ross tonight (they film it on Thursdays). But alas! Someone else had replied saying they'd take them. Desperate, I posted saying 'if by any chance you don't go, please could I have your tickets.' By pure chance, two of this girls friends couldn't go, so she said she'd meet me and my boyfriend in the queue! Raced out of work and went to meet a complete stranger who I work with, and her boyfriend, who luckily both turned out to be very nice.
The Joanathan Ross set looks very peculiar in the flesh- tiny and very, very red. The black couch which looks so plush on the TV looks cheap and manky in the flesh and Jro's desk looks TINY! My boyfriend insists furniture on film sets is made smaller to make actors look taller so maybe this is what happened here. The couch, the 'poofs and the piano' and the area where the band perform are all right next to each other. The poofs sang a crude song about anal sex which was quite funny, but Jonathan Ross was being very crude which I thought was a bit 'urgh.' He seemed really fake and unnatural at first, which is a shame, as normally I like him loads.
I was excited to see the show anyway, but I was a bit disappointed with the guests tonight. How dare I complain about the guests when Moz is on? Well I dare! especially when Jro talks to some bints from 'Mistresses' (I know, me neither) for forty minutes and then Morrissey doesn't even get interviewed. Sob! Honestly, it was quite draggy. We really needed some comedy on. Jonathan Ross ate a cheeseburger from a can at the start which I thought was in bad taste in front of Morrissey and thought he was baiting him a little bit. I'm suprised Morrissey didn't walk out. Jro also said he was going to show a clip of Harry Hill doing Moz on Stars in Your Eyes, but he didn't (sadly!)
The other guests were so dude from Lost who talked about his old drug habit for half an hour (and he even admitted Lost was tosh) and Britt Eckland, who seemed truly nutty (and oddly obsessed with Google!). Jro asked her if she was a Morrissey fan and she lied and said she was but I'm sure they'll cut that bit out. There was a funny story regarding her chihuahua and a teddy bear, and that was probably the best bit of the show (apart from the obvious). She was very beautiful in her day as well.
I really wished Morrissey had been interviewed but he literally just sang 'That's how people grow up.' although I thought it was damn good live, much better than on record. It was really catchy. Jonathan asked Moz if he was happy and he said 'no.' and Jonathan said 'I wouldn't expect anything else.' At the end Moz said 'can I go now?'
Jro said Morrissey still had a sore throat and had to rest his voice so couldn't sing any more songs. At the end he kind of got on Morrissey's back and cuddled him and said 'I nearly slipped it in there.' I'm guessing they'll probably cut that bit out.
Morrissey looked good, quite thin, and was wearing a tight blue top. He looked embarrassed and bored in the 'green room' beforehand and I pitied him having to sit though guests so banal. Normally Jro has quite good guests on, so it was a bit of a bummer. Having said that, I heard whispers in the queue that it was going to be James Blunt instead of Mozzer so I shouldn't complain. I think part of the problem is normally when I watch Jonathan Ross on a Friday night I'm half cut so it probably normally seems funnier than it is.
The most worrying part for me was the very end when Jonathan asked Morrissey's band if they were going to finish the Roundhouse dates and the band went 'oh is that the time?' and buggered off. They seemed quite pissed off. I'm sure it was the cheeseburger thing.
Dear lord, Morrissey, please don't cancel the Roundhouse dates. I need to see you so much!
All in all, an enjoyable night, despite my grumbles. I possibly converted my new work buddy to La Moz, and I won't be sitting at home tomorrow thinking 'I wish I was there.' Oh yeah, I will when I watch Jules Holland. I bet he'll do more than one song on that!
i'd definitely go again but the guest list needs shaking up. Next time I want Moz, Derren Brown, Russell Brand and Courtney Love. Ta.

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